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THE BODY CONFIDENCE PLAN is Primal's signature online transformation program.  It's built for ladies looking to strip a stone+ of fat & feel confident naked again.  10 years of female transformation experience in one life-changing program.


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 Hey, my names Ben - I’m the guy with the cheesy grin in the photo (you may not have spotted me because Dug tends to steal the limelight)


I’ve been a female fat loss coach coming up 10 years now. Believe it or not when I first started as a trainer (desperate to make some money & quit my awful job in Costa) I started running exercise classes for women. I did the usual Boxercise, circuits & even Legs, Bums & Tums on a few occasions


It didn’t take long before I was known as the ladies answer to their fat loss goals, after each class would be an orderly line of lovely ladies ready to shoot their most pressing fat loss questions at me, and to be honest, it was genuinely terrifying the questions I received 


The amount of lies & misleading information that these women had been led to believe was soul destroying! That early on in my career, my knowledge was pretty ‘bro-science’ (I was the sort of guy to believe that training came before everything in life & that kale 'wasn't actually that bad’) 


Even that early on, I knew that this needed to change, but I really wasn’t the guy to answer these questions. What these women needed was a clear plan, that fit around their kids & social life, that was easy to follow, didn’t take up hours of time & wasn’t too restricted (aka not be able to drink wine every week!)


So I set about it, I stopped with all the bro-science, stopped programming my ladies bodybuilding style workouts, stopped programming them rigid meal plans that mostly consisted of chicken & rice (like everybody else was doing) & built what I would describe as the perfect program to help busy mums, who were active but not really seeing results, lose a stone+ in fat & feel the most confident they’ve EVER felt 


It actually took me a decade to piece together the Body Confidence Plan. A decade of trial & error training just over 250 women, truly understanding their struggles & what was preventing them from getting results, but I finally got there & as my ladies would vouch, it works. 


The Body Confidence Plan strips away all the rubbish & just focuses on the core basics that you actually need to see results. In fact, most of my ladies actually spend less time exercising and meal planning (and more time with the kids…. Or just drinking wine with their friends!) 


The female fat loss market is easily the biggest minefield of all of the areas of fitness, so if you’ve found yourself struggling in the past, it is absolutely not your fault. Luckily however, you’ve found the Body Confidence Plan. A program built for someone just like you, to save you months, if not years of training with misleading knowledge that won’t provide you with results 


If you’re ready to get in the shape of your life & finally brim with body confidence like you did 10 years ago, then let’s have a chat by clicking here


If now’s not the best time for you, then  click here  & I'll email you over my Free Female Fat loss guide & I’ll send you actionable fat loss advice that I don’t share on any of my social media channels 


Either way, I CAN’T WAIT to help you & show you what The Body Confidence has to offer