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Body Transformation Program

Yes Ben! I want to equip myself with the best training and proven processes needed to transform my body - just like the hundreds of other females who have got jaw-dropping results 


Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • How to transform the way you look forever

  • How to still go out with your partner & friends & get amazing results 

  • How to overcome obstacles when life gets in the way

  • How to get the most out of your training to help you build a lean, toned physique 

  • How to optimise your nutrition so that you can eat your favourite foods & stay on track

  • How to develop a strong, healthy relationship with food that will last a life time



Here’s What You’ll Get

  • 12-week transformation training plan

  • Nutrition plan examples & daily tracker checkins

  • Unlimited support at your finger tips

  • A life time membership to the Body Confidence Plan 

  • Guides, recipes, calorie cheat-sheets, holiday survival guides & shopping list examples

  • And, more…



Who is it for?

Highly motivated women who want to look stunning in a bikini & feel more attractive & more confident then they ever have in their lives



When does it start?

The Body Confidence Plan is a 12-week transformation plan that starts the millisecond you enroll. Access to the training program usually takes 48 hours as I build the best possible plan to change your physique.