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Discover Petworth's Primal Bootcamp that strengthens your whole body, burns any unwanted fat and gets you in the shape of your life

Primal Bootcamp workouts are guaranteed to improve your shape, boost your metabolism and when integrated with any Primal nutrition plan, get you dropping fat sustainably


So make sure you grab your Free workout pass today to meet our welcoming, supportive community and start your Primal journey to get in the shape of your life



Ready to lose 5lbs, start getting stronger & feeling more confident?

Primal Bootcamp offers 45-minute fat loss workouts designed to strengthen your body and challenge you every time 


PBC is a rapidly growing fitness Bootcamp brand in the Petworth area. I offer my members effective, convenient 45-minute fat loss BCs that strengthen the body while burning as many calories as possible


The signature Primal workouts use a blend of weight training and fast-paced cardio to rocket your metabolism, shape your muscles and melt off fat


Each session is taken by myself and I always focus on making each class as fun, energetic and motivational as possible 


The beautiful thing about Primal workouts is that they are tailored to any fitness level. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never exercised before or you’re a fitness regular. I’ll make sure you’re training as a right level to reach your goals


PBC boosts an awesome community of like-minded people who will dramatically increase your odds of succeeding through group accountability and a buzzing atmosphere


Best of all PBC offers way more than just workouts, we support your success through nutrition content that shows you how to eat to lose fat. Recipes to help you eat better and home workouts for you to do at home to make sure you’re constantly getting stronger, leaner and healthier