Beta Round #1

You spoke and we listened!

Early in 2021 the Empowered Eczema course launched. Your response was: "I need support!" I know that you need a coach to keep you accountable and a group of new friends to go through this journey with.

What is this beta round?

It's a combination of the Empowered Eczema course AND weekly group coaching. You will go through the program with a group of people just like you! You will get support through weekly video calls. In addition, you get an abundance of information from the course materials.

You will learn:

  1. How to heal your eczema by listening to your mind, body, and emotions.

  2. How to keep track of flares to figure out your root cause

  3. How to detox your body to become healthier than ever

  4. How to recognize when your eczema is flaring from stress

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  1. Access to the online course materials 

  2. Weekly group coaching calls with an accountability coach 

    1. To keep you on track

    2. For you to ask questions

    3. To make sure you start healing

  3. A diet/supplement protocol for your specific root cause(s)

  4. 20+ video lessons to teach you everything about eczema


V I D E O S 

6 Modules with 20+ Video lessons taught by Coach Michelle. 



5 different diet and supplement protocols for each root cause


S E L F  C A R E

Dozens of tips on how to take better care of yourself to heal. 



Motivational videos to help get you through the program.

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Hear it from the past students how Empowered Eczema has changed their lives!


"I can confidently say I am healing! My quality of life improved dramatically. The flakes are going down, my skin is soft. I am itching way less, sleeping really well, and I do not feel as anxious as much. I can also feel my digestive issues getting better as well."


- Madison

What was your eczema journey like?

My name is Aali, I work as an IT technician. Before Empowered Eczema, my eczema was very dry yet some parts of my body were oozing like crazy! I learned in Empowered eczema that being consistent with my diet and having the right mindset for healing equals success. What I have learned about healing is that it is a full holistic process. Mind, body, and soul. If your body is out of wack most likely your mindset is out of wack. Healing emotionally is just as important as healing physically.

How is your life different now?

My life is super different. I am now practicing mindfulness every day to release and reverse stress on my body (inflammation) and are now. Michelle has really taught me that being kind to yourself is key and the stages of eczema flaking, oozing, hyperpigmentation is okay as this is the healing phases. Michelle has done amazing research!

What did working with Coach Michelle do for you? How did it help you?

Michelle truly has a beautiful heart. She really really cares about her clients and is passionate about what she does. What Michelle has taught me is that healing is possible. We all can heal! 

What would you tell someone who is considering signing up for Empowered Eczema?

I would tell them that signing up for this program will be a great way for them to understand their eczema a little further. Knowledge IS empowerment and that is what you will get in this program. Thank you Michelle! FOR EVERYTHINGGGGGG! <3

I'm Sold
What was your eczema journey like?

You Michelle! Are a life saver. I went back our old conversations before I started the program and one thing you promised me, verbatim: “What I can promise is that you are going to learn to finally UNDERSTAND your eczema, why it's there, and how to reverse it!”

At first, I thought it was nonsense but I had no other choice but trust you, I was out of options. And I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely correct!!
I’ve suffered from this lifelong autoimmune disorder my entire 27 years of my LIFE!!!! Do you understand?! This is THE WORST eczema outbreak I had in my life. I had seborrheic eczema on my head at one stage! Flakes upon flakes falling out my hair. I have dreadlocks so I lost a couple of Locs in the process too.

My atopic eczema was spreading all over my body! It was all over my body from my neck, to hair, chest, arms everywhere! In the worst ways you can imagine. I had hand eczema on my fingers. I’ve had countless! Upon countless nights! Of ABSOLUTELY NO SLEEP! None.

These past 7 months have been hell. But through the storms and rain awaits sunshine...

How is your life different now?

I’ll be honest, I kinda slacked on the diet a tiny bit! But my body doesn’t react to certain foods anymore! I’m definitely getting back on the diet to get rid of ALL of this once and for all!!  I swear I don’t even know how to itch anymore somebody teach me, lol.

In all seriousness, itching reduced astronomically!

What did working with Coach Michelle do for you? How did it help you?

If you wanna know what really caused my eczema was:
1. Antibiotics that I’ve taken over the course of years (blocked salivary glands stones, wisdom tooth extraction, etc) 
2. The steroid creams prescribed to me my entire life! Literally! 
3. MASS AMOUNTS OF CANDIDA. Years upon years of extremely unhealthy dietary habits. I mean my sugar addiction was extraordinary.
4. Stressful environments. Living in NYC. 

You are the one to help me realize it. And I thank you I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you so much for this program and for connecting with these wonderful motivated creative individuals! You are the best

What would you tell someone who is considering signing up for Empowered Eczema?

I recommend your program to everybody!

My advice to others:

  • Healing isn’t linear, therefore trust the process.

  • Unlearn then relearn. Everything you thought you knew about eczema?! Fuhgeddaboudit! Michelle’s got you covered

  • Herxheimer's reactions are normal. In order to properly heal, your body has to go through phrases.

  • There’s absolutely NOTHING pretty about healing. Healing is ugly!


Thank you Michelle once again‼️

I'm Definitely Sold
Rocky Shore

The Woman Behind Empowered Eczema. 


Hey friends! It's Coach Michelle Mills here. Did you know I had severe eczema too? Yep. On and off my entire life. I was that itchy little kid at the birthday party. I was also the embarrassed preteen in middle school with eczema splotches that oozed down my legs during gym class. It subsided for high school and college as it does for most people. And back again with vengeance in 2017...


My Eczema in 2017.


In September of 2017 eczema started popping up in my elbow creases. It only took until December for my eczema to explode all over my arms. I was so frightened and in pain but I knew enough about natural healing that I didn't want to go to the dermatologist again. I had already used steroids in middle school, I wasn't going to again. 

I was determined to understand eczema biologically and learn how foods and supplements can heal it. And so I did. By March of 2018, my eczema was pretty much completely gone. I developed a diet called The Gut Healing Eczema Protocol...

Healthy Food

The Gut Healing Eczema Protocol. 

You will get to know all about this diet inside Empowered Eczema. It's an elimination diet broken up into 6 steps. You slowly introduce new foods over time as your body heals. I researched which foods would detox your liver, kill off candida, and balance the immune system. 

For the first few years of running Empowered Eczema, I used this diet as "one size fits all." But guess what, one size DOES NOT fit all. Now Empowered Eczema has 5 different diet/supplement protocols based on your root cause(s).


Where I am at now.


I am "happy as a clam" eating everything in moderation. I can eat bread, pizza, ice cream, and donuts now. Not that I really want to unless it's made of clean ingredients. I love the way my body feels now. I named this program Empowered Eczema because eczema is a blessing believe it or not. 

It's a blessing because it shows you so quickly that your body needs to be cared for. Eating foods that heal your body, lowering stress, and taking care of yourself prevents major diseases later in life.

Become Empowered!