• Ben Banbury

3 Hacks To Drink More Water

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Water is essential for energy levels, physical performance, fighting illnesses and absorbing nutrients. Try these 3 hacks to up your water intake and feel amazing

Benefits of Water

  • Increases energy levels

  • Increases physical performance

  • Protects tissues, spinal cord and joints

  • Increases mood and alertness

  • Helps excrete waste

  • Aids digestion

  • Helps lose weight

I just wanted to re-literate the benefits of water before I walk you through the hacks, if you're after more benefits, check out this post by Health line

Before skipping to the hacks just have a quick think;

The human body is around 60% water

The human organs make up around 80% water

Think about it. We're big sacks of water..

We're like one of those camel hydration packs long distance runners wear but with arms, legs and a head

So if we aren't constantly focusing on hydrating ourselves we can't possibly give each and everyday our 100%

Integrate these simple tricks into your day-day life and I PROMISE you will feel 10x better

Let's get to it!

1. Add Flavour

Pretty simple right? You probably saw that coming?

But it's a great hack!

I like water, I think it tastes delicious, but that's not to say I fancy it all the time

I always carry a big bottle of water on me wherever I go, this way I can always keep on top of my hydration levels when I'm out and about (you should be doing this too!)

But at home I usually drink sugar-free squash or occasionally herbal teas

I find drinking 2 litres of flavoured water a day a lot more interesting and a hell-of-a lot easier to get in than tap water

I will also occasionally pour myself a huge pint-sized mug of peppermint or green tea as I find this a really easy way to consume lots of water

(Not to mention green and peppermint tea have plenty of their own health benefits!)

3 Ways To Add Flavour To Your Water

  1. Sugar-free squash or juices

  2. Herbal teas

  3. Sliced fresh fruit like lemon, lime, cucumber, cranberries or mint

2. Set Reminders

I've found that smartphones are by far one of the best tools for creating habits and changing your lifestyle

After a 30 second search I found 10+ apps designed to help you consume more water

The app that I used to use is called "Daily Water - Drink Reminder" - and it does exactly what it says on the tin

It's not fancy, but it doesn't need to be

It just needs to get you into the habit of consuming more water and the fact it's free is pretty handy too!

You can also set alerts on Google Calendar like I do. I just get a silent notification to go off every few hours simply saying "Drink Water"

If I haven't already got a bottle in my hand, I will very quickly after seeing that