3 Tips To Getting More Toned In Just 21-Days

Consider this your step-by-step guide to getting more toned in as little as 21 days. I'm going to highlight exactly what you need to do and where you might be going wrong. Are you ready?


So let's very briefly talk about the human anatomy

At its very basic level, you have bone, muscle, fat and then skin

Fat cells sit on top of the muscle

This logically means that if your body fat % is too high, you're never going to be able to see all that beautiful muscle you've worked so hard to create!

If this sounds like you, right from the word go we need you dropping a few pounds of fat

What I'd highly recommend you doing, is instead of Googling "what's the best diet for fat loss" and then hopping on the first diet you see

Is to look at your current diet and focus on tweaking to make it better

For most, this is actually really easy! If you know you're drinking 2 glasses of wine an evening, cut them out for 21 days

If you know you shouldn't be grazing aimlessly on those almonds or biscuits behind your desk at work, then bin them for 21 days

If you're currently sitting there scratching your chin and thinking "but my diets already really good" - then your portions might be a little too big, or calories are "sneaking" their way into your diet

Maybe liquid calories? Sauces? Or you might even be unaware of how many calories are actually in your meals

As well as eating less we need to get you moving more

I'd recommend aiming for 10k steps a day. Everyone's got a Fitbit or something similar these days, so turn into a game

I'd also have a think of 2-5 varied, fun activities that will get you moving more

An evening cycle, beach walk, hike, swim, dance, climb, trampoline. It honestly doesn't matter, just find something you really enjoy and do lot's of it

Fat loss is only mind-numbingly boring if you allow it to be

When I last wanted to strip some fat and look a little leaner, I bought an old bike for £20 from a drunk man at my local market and went swimming every Sunday

I loved it! Plus I got better at swimming over the weeks. Worked a charm (:

Just bare in mind this advice is ONLY for people who have an excess of body fat to lose. If you're already at a low body fat % then the next tip is more suitable for you


Be honest, when I said stronger. Did you instantly think of?...

Zero disrespect to the athlete. She's stronger than I could ever hope to be. My point is not every female aspires to look like her

Getting stronger doesn't mean getting bulky or muscley. This lady above, to look like that would have spent years (I'm guessing 10+) perfecting her training and nutrition

Not to mention the growth hormones she's clearly injecting into her thighs every day

My point is that you don't look like that by accident. Getting bulky and muscly is hard for men to do, let alone women who have 20x less testosterone!

(Testosterone is a natural growth hormone)

Now I've said my bit. Let's get you strong!

The sensible place to start is with a few simple, HIGHLY effective exercises

They are:

1. Squats

2. Deadlifts

3. Pressups (or bench press)

4. Shoulder press

5. Rows

5. Lunges

(3 Sets of 8-12 reps is an effective routine to follow)

Those should be the bread and butter of your workouts. They are the best exercises you can be doing and in hundred years time, they still will be

I won't cover how to perform each exercise (a 2-second Google search will answer this) as I want to cover something else a bit more important


This one's a biggy.

Like. Really. Important.

But it's so often forgotten or ignored

In its simplest form; if you train the same, you will stay the same

But what does that actually mean?

So I don't mean completely changing your workout every few weeks, but what I do mean is you need to be making your workouts constantly tougher

If you've been squatting with 4kg for as long as you can remember, your bodies now successfully adapted to that weight

Throw in a few sets of 6kgs and you might be in for a bit of a surprise

Your bodies now thinking "Sh*t, What's going on?!?"

It then starts to adapt to the new stimulus and viola, 2 weeks later and the 6s aren't even a challenge

So you keep going. Weeks pass and before you know it you're picking up the 14kg dumbbell like it's inflatable

The point is you need to be constantly trying to make life more difficult for yourself

Focus on getting stronger every workout and you'll be SO MUCH more toned in 21-days

But one last thing, to tie all of this together beautifully


You know when you were a kid and your mum would always tell you to eat up your vegetables?

..Maybe she still does?

Consider me your mum, but I'm nagging you to eat more protein

The average person in the UK consumes around 65g a day. To the average person, that's probably enough to be fair

But if your goals to lose or maintain fat and increase your strength, we're going to want to up it

Protein will keep you feeling full so you're less likely to eat in between meals or getting hungry

It will also help increase your muscle strength and tone, which in turn will actually improve your metabolism

Pretty cool huh!

Finally, it will help repair your muscles after a workout

Now you've upped your weights and started breaking down your muscles effectively again, you're going to want to get repairing!

Protein is the vital ingredient to a good, well-rounded diet and a training boost like you wouldn't believe

Please. Don't overlook such a simple piece of advice

To make life easier, use this protein cheat sheet I made for you

I really hope this super simple guide will benefit you. Once again I've tried my hardest to create a really simple, straight to the point approach for you to get amazing results

Please don't overlook them because they're so simple

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