• Ben Banbury

4 Lean Lifestyle Hacks

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Get fitter faster with this definitive guide to hacking your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can be characterised as everything you do outside of your workouts

If you work out three times a week, but your lifestyle isn't in alignment with your goals, then you can't ever hope to reach your fitness or fat loss goal

Think about it. Three workouts = 3 hours a week

That leaves 165 hours a week to potentially screw it all up!

Consider this post your go-to guide to getting the absolute most out of your life, fitness and health

Let's go

1. The Social Hack

Weekend warriors, social drinkers and foodies, listen up

I'm going to show you how you can drink daily, eat out multiple times a week and even forget a whole Saturday night and still get leaner

But you probably won't like it

You see, if you're slightly overweight, or you'd like to lose a few pounds, you need to understand that something in your life has to give

You have to make some form of sacrifice to get where you want to be

This could mean less TV and more squats

Or it could mean less food to substitute more booze

Let me show you what I mean

I have a couple that I've trained for around 18 months now, they both live pretty hectic lives looking after their children and booming careers

They're also socialites. Every weekend they'll either be attending a dinner party or hosting one themselves

These evenings are logically rife with delicious food in generous quantities and good wine

Which also makes it slightly challenging for my clients to lose weight

You see the problem is never the food or wine, but the quantity. I mean of course, they're going to consume more than if they were at home on their own!

So there are three solutions I can see to solve this problem;

  1. They can exercise more the following days

  2. They can restrict what they eat that night

  3. They can restrict what they eat the day leading to the party

Just so you get the idea. If my clients had a respectable 3 wines at the party, they'd both need to run for at least 90 minutes the following day to burn off these wines. Not very realistic.

And I don't know about you but I couldn't think of anything worse than going to a dinner party to be the one drinking tap water and turning down the roast potatoes and cheesecake because I'd hit my calorie requirement? Not very fun.

So that leaves us with the most effective and realistic approach. For my clients to acknowledge that they'll be overconsuming in the evening and to limit their intake throughout the day

And this is exactly what I recommend you guys do too. If you know you're going out for a meal in the evening, or boozing it up with a few old friends then your goal is to reduce your portions in the day

This will leave you with a buffer in the evening

It's no different to having a financial budget. If you know you're saving for a holiday, you logically want to reign in your spending a bit right?

Stick to high-fibre veggies, water and protein through the day and you'll probably find you're not even too hungry either

So that's your social hack. You know have three ways to be super social and not put on weight!

These are also the only ways to solve this problem. No pill, shake, juice or tea can supplement the simple logic of "too many calories = weight gain"

2. The Exercise Hack - How To Automate Your Exercise Consistency

I've mentioned before in previous posts that the biggest reason people don't ever get results is simply lack of consistency

You could have the best program in the world, but if you're not consistent with it then there's not a lot of good that plan can do for you

A crappy plan done often is better than a good plan never used