• Ben Banbury

5 Apps That Will Up Your Fitness Game in 2020

Apps have been such a game-changer for the way we live our lives. They have an amazing ability to make our lives so much easier, including our health and fitness. I'm by no means "a tech guy" but these 5 apps are my essentials

Tablet on a wooden table at primal personal training HQ

I love a good app

I also love anything that makes my life even a % easier

Blending apps with fitness goals is a sure way to increase your chances of getting healthier, leaner and happier as we're rarely further than an arms-length from our phones at any time

Let's get started


The award for the most un-necessarily longwinded name goes to..

The gym log (GL) app is an amazing tool to track your progress in the gym or with your training

People need to understand that there's a HUGE difference between training and just working out

GL allows you to keep track of everything you do in the gym. From every second knocked off your 1-mile time to every extra rep on the leg press

To level up your fitness you have to be doing the best exercises over and over, and making sure you're getting stronger

With the assistance of this free gym log, you can ensure you're not only progressing with every workout, but you also know what you need to do to progress!

What I'd recommend you do is follow my guide in this post how to create your own workout plan, add-in your workout and focus on upping it every session

For a more full-proof approach, keep your eyes peeled for my new 6 and 12-week transformation programs I'm bringing out in the new year. I'll do all the planning for you and even set you up on my custom gym logging app


You've probably heard of MFP and for good reason.. it's incredible

MFP is a food tracking tool that boasts over 11 million foods in its FREE database

Think of MFP like a Tamagotchi, but instead of keeping a Japanese alien alive on a black and white console, you're keeping yourself alive

Download it. Upload your goals and data and MPF will give you a pretty generic daily calorie target. Now all you need to do is input all of your food as realistically as possible and make sure you hit as close to your calorie target as possible

Then what?.. You'll lose between 1-2lbs of fat a week. Like clockwork

I'll be honest. MFP gets boring really quickly. Food logging is never something we do for fun, BUT there's a reason why so many fitness professionals, physique athletes and personal trainers yammer on about it so much

It works like magic.


A tablet being held in a kitchen on the Yummly app

Yummly is awesssome

In essence, it's a recipe database. When you sign up it will ask you what allergies you have, if you have any dietary requirements etc

Then it will give you a list of foods for you to tick that you like

From here it will find recipes similar to ones you ticked you enjoyed

It then personalises your experience to show you as many recipes that fit into your requirements. Yummly isn't just for healthy meals, but of course the more healthy recipes you tell it you like, the more it will suggest

Apparently it learns too! The more you use it the more Yummly understands you and your food faves