• Ben Banbury

5-Day Dumbbell Only Strength & Toning Plan

Ladies, are you looking for a quick, challenging workout you can do anywhere only using one dumbbell? Don't worry, Ben's got you covered

a woman lifting a dumbbell above her head

This programs built for women who want to build lean, defined muscle, but are short on time. You only need 35 minutes a day to get unreal results!


Program goal: To build lean muscle

Fitness level: Intermediate

Equipment: Dumbbell and exercise mat

Time per workout: 35 minutes

Sessions per week: 5

Program length: 8 weeks


Program Description

So you want to tone and strengthen your whole body in minimum time? This program has been built for that exact reason

Before we start though there are a few things you need to know

Firstly, it's important that your selection of dumbbells are.. weighty

We don't want you using a set of dumbbells barely heavier than your car keys

It's also important that you have a small variety of different weights

The weight you use for squats will be VERY different from the weights you use to bicep curl, so make sure you have a selection

Secondly, we need to make sure your diet is ontrack

When it comes to fat loss and building lean muscle, nutrition is absolutely paramount. I'm afraid you just can't afford to skip that part

But don't worry, I'll keep it easy for you. Check out the ultimate shopping list to get lean

Finally, your goal here is to keep each session as short and sharp as possible

Try to avoid distractions and pick your playlist before you start your session. Limit time faffing selecting weights and picking songs as best you can

Your rest period will be same with every exercise, 45 seconds

Last point: Bare in mind this program hasn't been built exclusively for you. So without knowing your past training history, current injuries and which areas you'd like to work more, I can't tailor-make you a plan

If you'd like a program built exclusively for you to maximise your results, as well as hire me as a trainer to guide you through your whole transformation, click here to learn more about my coaching

Right then.. let's go!


8 Week Tone & Strengthen Program

DAY 1 - Push Day

a dumbbell workout plan

DAY 2 - Legs Day

a dumbbell workout plan

DAY 3 - Fullbody Tone