• Ben Banbury

5 Exercises You HAVE To Be Doing For A Better Body

There are hundreds of exercises you could be doing, but there are only a few you SHOULD be doing. Do these instead!

If you've been following me for a while you might remember I wrote a post called Everything You Need To Know About Training For Fat Loss?

(If you haven't definitely go check it out after this post. It's gold)

I mentioned a group of exercises I categories as Americano exercises

Americano, which is obviously a coffee, is my go-to brew

It's simple, to the point and get's the job done

No faff, no frills

Americano exercises are the exercises that just get the job done. They're not particularly fancy, but they're not supposed to be

They're there to get you unreal results, not to look cool on Instagram

As you're reading this I can guarantee someone, somewhere out there is videoing themselves performing what I call "frappa-crappa" exercises

You know the ones. Where they serve no real purpose except to elevate your heart rate and look slightly ridiculous in the process

Exercises like this are fine if you want to warm up, burn a few calories or you're just heavily into ketamine and dancing down your local high street at 2 in the afternoon high as a kite if your favourite pastime

(I'm not here to judge)

But, in terms of transforming your body, they don't really belong anywhere

So what do?

Great question. Let's go



For the 1% of blokes who follow me, this is true for you too

The glute bridge is the single most effective exercise for building a juicy bum

And let's be honest, a plump, shapely bum is attractive.. for both sexes!

The problem nowadays is that we sit a lot. We drive more, watch more, travel more and sit behind an office more

(Like me right now)

Sitting for long periods of time switches the bum muscles off

They fall alseep and lose their tone, shape and in general, become kinda useless

Glutes are extremely important muscles. They're one of the main driving forces for deadlifts, squats or just bending over to pick something up!

When they're asleep, other muscles pick up the slack (oh hey lower back pain)

So glute bridges are absolutely essential for a good looking, strong body

One of the main reasons why glute bridges are better than kickbacks, clams, fire hydrants on so on, is because you can lift a tonne of weight

Lifting heavy = sexy body

The more weight you can shift, the more muscle that needs to work and breakdown, the firmer and more shapely your body