5 Foods I Carry Everywhere to Stay Lean On-the-go

I'm not the most organised human on the planet, so it's important I carry a few items that I can turn to when i'm unprepared. Since I added these to my gym bag I've saved money on supermarket trips and stuck to my diet MUCH better.

Why do I carry healthy foods on me at all time?

I like my stats so here's another one for you;

1 in 4 people from the UK bring a packed lunch

I know. I read the most exciting articles.

But that stat means two things; people are either skipping lunch or buying something quick from their nearest supermarket or food stop.

So not only are they wasting their money, they're also much more likely to grab some high calorie lunch.

It's genuinely quite hard to find something healthy if you're on-the-go

So many sandwiches are pumped full of mayo and let's be honest, you're always going to want to grab the BLT over the bland looking tuna sarny.

I carry 5 foods on me at all times to stop me eating rubbish when I'm unprepared

I'd highly recommend adding them to your work bag

My 5 Foods

1. Instant oats

The perfect go-to food in my opinion.

Oats are super healthy and are slowly digested, so they keep you feeling full for longer.

You also only need to add hot water.

So put the cuppa-soup down, and stock up on instant oats.

2. Protein bars

I'm not the biggest fan of most protein bars.

Most taste pretty vile, they're pricey and most ingredient lists contains a lot of words I can't even pronounce

A Grenade protein bar ingredients include:

"Polydextrose; Hydrolysed Beef Gelatine, Humectant"

What even is that?!

I don't really fancy putting that in me.

The one's I will vouch for are Hike bars from Aldi.

They're like 50p, they contain a lot more words I can actually understand and they contain about 11g of protein

(honestly Aldi sort out this sponsorship)

3. A homemade meal replacement shake

I actually use Huel at the moment, It's pricey but a seriously good product

It's also gluten and dairy free which my body really agrees with (gluten and diary both don't agree with my gut)

You can make a simple meal replacement shake at home though. Simply add; 1x banana, 25g of whey protein powder, 25g of oats and any other fruit and veg you fancy into a blender with 300-400ml of water or milk.

This won't win any great taste award, but it will ensure you stick to your diet.

4. Cashews

I want you to understand that my goals are most likely different to yours. Therefore my daily calorie intake will be as well.

I need to consume about 3,700 calories a day. This is nearly double what most males need to consume on a daily basis.

Why? Because I'm a PT and pretty active, but more importantly because I weight train my metabolism is high and and my body burns a lot of calories maintaining the muscle I've put on over nine years of training.

Read my post "Why women must weight lift" to know more about increasing your metabolism.

Cashews are great for me because they're high in calories, easy to store and easy to eat on-the-go

This might come across like an odd tip if you're trying to reduce your daily calorie consumption, but a big handful of cashews will keep you feeling full for a really long time.

Which is perfect if you've forgotten to pack any lunch and you're tempted by those big golden arches you can see from your office window.

5. Honey

No, honey won't fill me up

But honeys great for giving me that sugar hit when I need (or fancy) it

I some times add honey to my porridge and Huel shakes. It definitely makes it more interesting.

Also if I've just finished training and need to stabilise my low blood sugar levels, honey will help my energy and stop me from getting all "hangry" (Hungry and angry)


To live healthily you need to stay consistent to your diet. Packing these 5 foods in your work bag will stop you from eating junk and help stay you on track to reaching your body goal.

Remember these foods make great back ups if you forget to pack lunch, to know more about what to cook for diet success, check out "meal prepping" post.

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