Amazing Feedback From My Clients

Messages like this really mean the world to me. So I've put together a selection of my favourite testimonials to showcase my amazing clients!

"To be honest, I was worried when I first started training with Ben about the cost of sessions. But the quality of his training is worth every penny! Ben's so passionate not just about fitness but getting me results. He text me reminders and checked in with me between sessions to make sure I was okay and sticking to my healthy routine. He also sent me eBooks and recipes which made life so much easier for me! With Ben you're not just paying for a session, you're paying for a complete package and his knowledge. The advice Ben's given me I will literally use for a lifetime! Worth every penny"

Emma. B

"When I contacted Ben about training, the school holidays had just started and I had kids, a husband and a busy job to think about. Ben reassured me that I could still find time and he would do everything to make it as easy as possible for me. We started training for 45 minutes, twice a week, at my house and Ben set me "homework" to walk the dogs in between sessions. I kept a food diary and Ben held me accountable by checking it once a week after a session. Because Ben came to me I only had to be away from my desk for 45 minutes and his flexible diet approach meant that I could eat the same foods as the kids! Fitness is now a part of my life and I couldn't have done it without Ben!"

Laura. M

"When I lived in Lincolnshire I saw the same personal trainer for 7 years at my local gym. I was anxious about starting with Ben because his prices were steeper and I was also slightly anxious about having a new trainer, but I was totally surprised! Ben explained that he didn't offer a 1 hour session but instead a complete package. He sent me accountability checklists, workouts to do on my own, meal ideas and he even gave my husband a free £50 Bootcamp pass to help him get into fitness! It was so much easier to stay motivated when I knew Ben was keeping a close eye on me and constantly pushing me to do more. Highly recommend!"

Anna. W

"I've been exercising for a few years now, I go to variety of Bootcamps in London and I'd like to think I'm pretty fit. My wife referred me to Ben because he'd been helping her reduce the pain in her neck and lower back, and she thought him monitoring my form would help me. If I'm honest I didn't really see the point of seeing a trainer, but after 2 sessions Ben had spotted a few weaknesses in my body and completely altered my program. It turns out hiring a fitness professional not only helps you train more effectively but also more safely. Now when I exercise I actually use the right muscles and my results have rocketed in a matter of 5 weeks! Super efficient and caring coach"

Jack. E

"I really wanted to get into shape with a holiday looming, so I spoke to Ben who I'd been following on Facebook for some time. After talking to Ben he laid out clearly what I needed to do to get results. I explained to Ben that because of the holiday, money was a bit tight at the moment and he completely understood. He set me up on a payment plan which helped so much. When the holiday came around I was so much more confident and loved being in a bikini! So I decided to buy another package when I got home! We're now working towards an even leaner me. So excited! Thanks Ben"

Alice. R

"So I found an amazing PT, Ben Banbury, spent a summer in the sea, lost 25kg and got fit" Joe.S

(Face mask not included in transformation)