• Ben Banbury

Calories - You Have To Understand This.

Pillar 1 - Calories. The quick guide. The most important step you need to understand to get fantastic results in this course and for the rest of your life


  • Why is eating the right amount of calories so important

  • The best way to approach calories

  • To calorie count or to follow a plan?

  • Why do we count calories?

  • How to work out how many calories you need a day

  • Why a calorie deficit is the first pillar

Let's be honest, the topic of calories isn't exactly balls to the wall fun. It's a bit boring and a tiny bit sciency, but it's the most important pillar of your transformation so it's super important we get this really clear

A calorie is a unit of energy. Calories fuel us and our bodies just as petrol fuels a car

Each and every one of us requires a different amount of calories on a daily basis

A few factors that impact the number of calories we burn in a day are:

  1. How active we are

  2. How much muscle we have

  3. How much we weigh

Example: A larger, more active male would burn more calories every day than a sedentary woman

Obviously, the main point of this program is to get you leaner and brimming with confidence, so how does this tie in with our fat loss goal?

We have to understand one really key metric to get you losing weight no matter what;

How many calories you need every day to maintain your weight (BMR)

With this information all we need to do is to subtract 500 calories a day to create a sustainable diet that allows you to safely burn between 1-2lbs every single week

This is called a calorie deficit


I always feel the best approach for us to think about calories is like our bank balance

If we spend more than we earn in a month, we're going slowly end up bankrupt right?

If I earn £1000 a month, but am spending £1200 I'm going to slowly run out of money

A similar logic can be applied to calories; If we need 1800 calories to maintain our weight but are only eating 1300, what's going to happen?

We'll slowly lose weight over time (as long as we're consistent!)


I'm a big fan of clients initially counting calories when they begin working with me. The bottom line is a lot of people don't have a clue how many calories they're eating on a daily basis, or how many they need to be eating

Calorie counting is no different to looking at your bank statement from time to time. A bank balance is a really useful tool to make sure we're not overspending and have money tucked away for a rainy day

An app like MyFitnessPal is a fantastic tool to show us how many calories we're eating in a day and how many calories are in individual foods

I think you'll be shocked how many calories are in foods you eat every day. This is why we start here. This is why this is the first pillar to your transformation

Understanding how much you're consuming will always be the most important part