• Ben Banbury

Consistency - The Transformation Glue

Pillar 5 - The key to tying everything together


  • Why being consistent is so important

  • How to be more consistent

  • How to always feel more motivated


Imagine you're building a house. You've got all the bricks, the cement, and the timber to build the house of your dreams

All the material gets delivered on your land and the building can begin

The issue is, there are no builders to be seen

Without the builders turning up each and every day, the house will simply never get built

Without the builders, your dream house is nothing but bags of useless material

You see the over 4 transformation pillars are completely useless unless you're consistent with your actions

Hitting your calories sometimes won't cut it

Smashing 100g of protein twice a week and forgetting the rest won't cut it

Not bothering to push yourself in the gym won't cut it

Only hitting 2k steps a day won't cut it

For you to transform your body you need to be at it every single day

This is where so many people go wrong, they kinda do it, or forget on more days than they do

But that's not you, right? You're not here to kind of change the way you look, you're here to look the best you've ever looked right? To feel the best you've ever felt?

That's why you're going to be consistent.


Consistency is actually pretty simple: You just need to turn up

Inside your program, you'll notice each day will give you a workout or an active rest day. It's your job to familiarise yourself with your training days and then make time for it

Sit down for a few minutes and work out in your diary when you will train every week

This won't take long and it will be far from perfect, life will always get in the way, so don't worry about it being spot on every time

Just figure out where your workout will fit into your day

Now, all you need to do is show up

Don't ever think about training, just do it

If you allow yourself to stop and think the chances of you talking yourself out of it will just go up and up

Instead, just go, just do it.

The more you repeat this simple action, the stronger and stronger your self-discipline will be. Every time you just do it, you're mentally toughening

This is all part of the transformation process, physical as well as mental training

A few tips that will help you be more consistent:

  • Always have your workout gear ready

  • Make sure you actually have time when you schedule a workout

  • Train the same days each week to engrain strong habits

  • Create a reminder or popup on your phone to tell you to train

  • Remind yourself why you're doing this

In essence, the process is simple

Know when you're training. Never make an excuse


Motivation is a weird one, it can come and go like the flick of a switch, sometimes for no apparent reason