• Ben Banbury

Do These 3 Things To Get a Guaranteed Better Nights Sleep

Lack of sleep can effect everything from your mood to your weight and overall health. These simple tricks can start helping you get better sleep as of tonight!

Before I dive into this post and show you the 3 tricks that I can guarantee will get you a better nights sleep, I just want you to know that I won't be sharing any supplement recommendations

If you clicked on this link looking for a special pill recommendation that will make all your sleeping problems go away, then this post isn't for you

I'm sure there are a few half decent pills out there that will cost you a bomb for a 1% better nights sleep, but not here

I aim my posts at people who understand that to make improvements in their lives they need to work and adjust their lifestyle. Not just a sink a couple more pills

Below I have 3 tricks that require action to execute. They involve you adapting your current lifestyle to reap the rewards

You see, most peoples sleeping problems stem from their current lifestyle, diet and daily stress

But we can fix it right now. By putting in a bit of work and being prepared to change. You can fix it. You can start sleeping soundly every night. So let's get started!

Tip 1: Have a Cup Of Herbal Tea 30 Minutes Before Bed

So this tip is about creating good sleeping habits. You see, the human body loves routine. It thrives on it!

It loves waking , eating, excreting, and you guessed it.. falling asleep at the same time everyday

If you create good sleeping patterns by going to sleep at roughly the same time everyday, you'll start finding you become naturally sleepy around 30 minutes before bed

What we can do to stack on top of this habit is to add a few sneaky tricks

What I want you to do is find a herbal tea that you enjoy and ONLY drink it just before bed

The tea has almost no effect on your sleep but by drinking the same drink every night before hopping into bed will tell the body it's time to start switching off

It's similar to kids having a bed time story read to them. Sure, the story might make them dozy, but it's more the pattern of story then bed that puts them to sleep (if you're lucky enough!)

The hot herbal tea is a message to your brain to chill out and start prepping for a nights sleep

What I would also recommend is hopping into your PJs or lounging clothes around 30 minutes before bed

It's a good idea to tell your brain that it's now time for "sleep mode", instead of "gym" or "work" mode

So that's my first tip. Start creating a better bed time routine with the aid of PJs, a mug of caffeine free tea and going to bed at roughly the same time

Tip 2: Switch Off Your Damn Phone!

Come on. This ones so damn obvious that I almost didn't include it

Artificial light from your phone will cause disruption in something called your circadian rhythm (your body cock)

So many of your bodily functions hinge on your circadian rhythm. From your mood, energy, metabolism, craving for junk food (therefore your weight) to darker things like diabetes and cancers

The blue light from your smart phone tricks your brain into thinking it's day time. Day time = awake

The research shows that scrolling on your phone or watching TV before bed will make you more alert, less sleepy and therefore cause you to stay up for longer

Studies have also show that you'll feel less alert when you wake up in the morning! (For more info on how smart phones effect your sleep click here)

So it's simple, if you're looking for a better nights sleep. Turn off your damn phone, stick your PJs on and hava cuppa herbal tea 30 minutes before bed. Maybe even have a quick read

Tip 3: Your Bed Is For Sleeping & Coitus Only

Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory
Any Big Bang Theory Fans?

The brain associates different environments and clothing with different tasks

Similar to tip 1 where I mentioned wearing PJs to tell your brain it's time for sleep

Having set environments for different tasks will help your brain understand which task is required from it