• Ben Banbury

Do These 5 Things Everday For More Energy

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Do you find you're always so damn tired? I remember until about a year and a half ago I HAD to nap every day for about 20 minutes just to function. I applied these easy 5 steps and that was a thing of the past!

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When I was around 15 I was ALWAYS tired. Like cripplingly tired all the time

I HAD to nap at least once a day just to feel normal, and I could fall asleep anywhere at any time with no problem what so ever

My second job (after a paperboy) was a Saturday boy in my local butchers, for my hours break I would dart home (stinking of bleach and raw meat) and nap for as long as possible before making my way back in

It was soo boring always feeling groggy and dull

I even saw a doctor a few times, but they didn't really have an answer except that I was a growing teen

As I got older the tiredness slightly diminished but I still relied on daily naps and a lot of coffee

But as I hit 24 I decided being so damn tired all the time was boring and I wanted to do something about it

These are the 5 things I did

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A normal morning for me (and a vast majority of the UK) was to wake up, stumble to the kettle and pour out a big ole cuppa coffee

As my readers all know I love coffee. Coffees the best!

The problem is when we consume caffeine the moment we wake up we're pumping a stimulant into our body to alert us

Our body already produces a natural stimulant called "Cortisol" which helps us to wake up and feel more alert naturally

Our bodies natural reaction is to think "there's already this stimulant entering the body, I won't bother producing any of my own"

In essence, if you're pouring a substance into your body that it already creates, your body stops making it - this can lead to feeling ridiculously groggy on days you can't get your morning coffee fix

The other issue with coffee is that once the initial caffeine buzz has worn off, we tend to have less energy than before, which kinda eliminates the process of coffee in the first place

Unless you just keep topping yourself up every 2 hours? Which I wouldn't recommend either

By no means am I saying that coffee is bad for you, because it's really not, but if you are struggling with your energy levels just make sure that coffee is working for you, not against you

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Come on, you saw it coming

In essence, we are all bags of water. Our body is 60% water and our muscles are around 80%

Every single organ in the body runs better when hydrated, which logically means; less hydration = less energy

I use to really struggle to get my water in, and in all honesty, I found it really boring

But recently I've found a few tricks that have worked wonders for me and a few of my clients

I don't know if you're like me, but a lot of the time I don't really fancy drinking water

When I'm training I do and when I'm nursing a killer hangover

But other than that I usually stick to a sugar-free squash or even huge cups of green tea

My rule is to always have a water bottle on me in my rucksack and a glass at my desk of squash