Everything You Need To Know About Training For Fat Loss

Fat loss is an all-out war. Forget what you think you know about fat loss. If you want to shift some serious pounds in the next month then just use these exercises!

For those who know me, you'll know I LOVE coffee

I love the smell, the taste, the way it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

And the ability it gives me to talk to humans before 8am

I budget myself one coffee a day from wherever I fancy. I'm lucky enough to live in the centre of a beautiful city called Chichester

So a stones throw from my door are at least 20 coffee shops

Perfect for someone like me

Now, my coffee is a great metaphor for fat loss exercises

Let's say in the last 3 years I've visited 1000 coffee shops. Want to know something interesting?

I've never once looked at the menu. Not once.

I walk in, que, smile at the barista and say "medium white Americano please"

(obviously, I look at the price first, I'm as cheap as cheap can be)

Anything more than £2.75 and I'm strutting straight out of that coffee shop

Costa, Starbucks, Nero or wherever. There drink's menus are RIDICULOUS

All the frappe Chappa chino drinks, the hot chocolates with mountains of whipped cream and the rows upon rows of various flavour pumps

Ranging from praline to pumpkin flavoured!?

I always think of the exercises you should be doing as an Americano

A basic, no-gimmick, to-the-point coffee. There's nothing fluffy about an Americano

A good old cup a' Joe

Now the exercises you should be doing to maximise your training and fat loss are Americano exercises

What do I mean by that? I mean the squats, the deadlifts, the lunges, the pressups and the rows - the exercises that use the most amount of muscles

That's what your bodies going to benefit the most from!!!

Do you know what your body won't benefit from? The Mocha Praline Macchiato with 1% fat milk, stirred counter-clockwise and lightly dusted with room temperature 80% dark chocolate

I've got a great example of exactly what I mean

Back when I was a trainer at the Grange leisure centre I had a lady who wanted to lose approximately 40lbs of fat. She was heavily overweight bless her, and really needed to get in better shape for her health

I used to see her once a week and she had a program to complete 2+ times on her own

One day I was giving a man an induction when I saw her training on her own

"Awesome!" I thought "good on her for getting in"

After the induction, I wandered over to her to see she had 2kg weights in each hand and was performing CALF RAISES!?!?


This wasn't in the plan!

This lady had 40lbs to lose and she was focusing her limited gym time on toning a small muscle the size of an orange on the bottom of her legs!! (with parital movement!)

That is the perfect example of a useless workout and a crappy cup of coffee

This is what you should be doing!

The BEST Fat Loss Exercises

First things first, fat loss is an all-out war

I want you to change your mindset

If your goal is to lose 6+ pounds. You need to lose it in 30-days. Period.

If you've been trying to lose the same 6 pounds for longer than 2 months, something's going seriously wrong

So right now, I want you to hop on the scales and figure out how much you want to lose

Grab your calendar and in a months time write "down X lbs" (however many pounds you want to lose)

Now let me show you the Americano exercises

  • Squats

  • Deadlifts

  • Pressups

  • Rows

  • Shoulder press

Those 5 exercises will completely transform your body

Your workouts probably include some variation of those and that's awesome! But it's the fluff afterwards that we're going to cut out

And we're going to up the amount of the Americano sets you're doing

In other words, we've scooped off the whipped cream and we've found the coffee underneath. The stuff that's actually going to make an impact in your health and body

I want you to perform 5 sets of 10 reps of each exercise 3 times a week with a 60 second rest

Taking a note on your phone or notebook how much you lifted

If you squat 5 x 10 @ 5kg on week 1 - no way in hell will you be lifting that same weight by week 4

You're training by Primal's rules now! I want you lifting 5 x 10 @ 15kg by week 4

Sound unrealistic? Or maybe your mindsets not in the right place

I've trained hundreds of women with this mindset and there's a trick I always used to apply to get them to overcome it

We'd start with 5kg on week 1 for 5 sets of 10 reps

Week 2 I'd test their confidence and maybe sneak in a couple of sets of 7-9kg - I'd hear a lot of "that wasn't as bad as I thought"

Week 3 was when I'd definitely grab the 10kg and that's when I'd see more worried faces.. but they did it

Maybe they'd use a few more words that required them to put a pound in the swear jar, but they got it done

Week 4 I'd start them on the lighter weights. Then I'd grab a big blob of blue-tac from my desk. I'd walk up to a heavier weight and hide the weight sticker with the blue tac

"I'll tell you what the weight is after" I'd always say

They'd, of course, complete the 10 reps, swear a little. Then I'd grab the next weight up before they had time to curse my name

On went the blue tac and my little white lie of "I'll tell you after"

10 more reps. Few more naughty words.

The final set, I'd grab the last dumbbell, hide the weight and promise them it was their last set

As they started squatting I'd go quiet. You see, I count my client's reps and tell them when to stop

Week 4, set 5, Ben goes quiet

A memory that springs to mind was a client of mine called Emma. She was pumping out reps and I'm there counting her reps in my head

Every time she'd say how many more I'd just say "few more"

Her legs wobbling, her face scrunching like she's just been tasered until she lets out a huge sigh and dumps the weight on the floor

I stand there quietly while she catches her breath with a smug grin on my face

"How many..... was that?!" she blurted between big breaths

"17" I answered as I removed the blue-tac covering a sticker that read 18kg

You're so much more capable than you think you are

Cardio For Fat Loss

This one's easy

Do whatever you enjoy

Jog, walk, hike, cycle, dance, swim, bounce, play, hop, streak or moonwalk

It doesn't matter

Health and fitness is a lifelong game, not sprint

So if I say to use the rower, but you hate the rower. You're not going to stick at it, and I don't blame you

Get outside more if you can, this will do wonders for your mindset and wellbeing

And go to plenty of exercise classes!

These are great for interacting with new people and being pushed in a class environment

But do me a favour, unless it's a Primal Bootcamp, don't count this as a "weight session"

Throwing a dumbbell that barely weighs more than your water bottle around for 30+ reps isn't strengthening anything

You might "feel the burn" as your instructor keeps yelling at you, but that doesn't mean a great deal

When I was 15 I cut up raw chillis, forgot and stuck my hands down the front of my trousers (like a lot of male teenagers do?!) and that burnt more than anything I've ever experienced

Does the burn mean a lot? nah, not really

(And the reason I say unless it's a Primal Bootcamp is because I focus on all of my clients becoming stronger in every class)

Move As Much As Possible

The more you accelerate in your car and drive it like a loony the more fuel you burn through right?

The same can be said for the human body

The more you move, the more energy you expel, the more fat you burn

Your goal is to be constantly moving

Walk everywhere, talk the stairs, park further away in the car park, chase birds in the park, set a timer and perform 20x squats every 60 minutes

Have fun with it!

Your goal is to move more. So spend less time googling "the best cardio for fat loss" and just start moving

Cleaning, gardening, shopping, re-enacting what those monkeys do on the discovery channel (I don't mean flinging your faeces) and playing with the kids will help you lose fat

You know when you walk upstairs, head to your bedroom, stop and think "why the hell did I come upstairs again!?"

Excellent! Now do that 10 more times and we'll call it a set

The morale is move more. I don't care how you do it, just get it done

Conclusion - Do Exactly This In The Next 30 Days

  1. Focus on performing the Americano exercises 3 times a week

  2. Perform 5 x 10 and aim to up the weight - (Press-ups you can progress to full press-ups!)

  3. Eat more protein, veg and water

  4. Reduce your carbs and fats from every meal

  5. Move more

  6. Drink proper coffee

Do this and email me in a month

If you follow exactly this I expect to see lot's of "Thank you Ben" emails

Take care and I'll speak to you soon,

Ben Banbury

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