• Ben Banbury

Everything You Need To Know About Training For Fat Loss

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Fat loss is an all-out war. Forget what you think you know about fat loss. If you want to shift some serious pounds in the next month then just use these exercises!

For those who know me, you'll know I LOVE coffee

I love the smell, the taste, the way it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

And the ability it gives me to talk to humans before 8am

I budget myself one coffee a day from wherever I fancy. I'm lucky enough to live in the centre of a beautiful city called Chichester

So a stones throw from my door are at least 20 coffee shops

Perfect for someone like me

Now, my coffee is a great metaphor for fat loss exercises

Let's say in the last 3 years I've visited 1000 coffee shops. Want to know something interesting?

I've never once looked at the menu. Not once.

I walk in, que, smile at the barista and say "medium white Americano please"

(obviously, I look at the price first, I'm as cheap as cheap can be)

Anything more than £2.75 and I'm strutting straight out of that coffee shop

Costa, Starbucks, Nero or wherever. There drink's menus are RIDICULOUS

All the frappe Chappa chino drinks, the hot chocolates with mountains of whipped cream and the rows upon rows of various flavour pumps

Ranging from praline to pumpkin flavoured!?

I always think of the exercises you should be doing as an Americano

A basic, no-gimmick, to-the-point coffee. There's nothing fluffy about an Americano

A good old cup a' Joe

Now the exercises you should be doing to maximise your training and fat loss are Americano exercises

What do I mean by that? I mean the squats, the deadlifts, the lunges, the pressups and the rows - the exercises that use the most amount of muscles

That's what your bodies going to benefit the most from!!!

Do you know what your body won't benefit from? The Mocha Praline Macchiato with 1% fat milk, stirred counter-clockwise and lightly dusted with room temperature 80% dark chocolate

I've got a great example of exactly what I mean

Back when I was a trainer at the Grange leisure centre I had a lady who wanted to lose approximately 40lbs of fat. She was heavily overweight bless her, and really needed to get in better shape for her health

I used to see her once a week and she had a program to complete 2+ times on her own

One day I was giving a man an induction when I saw her training on her own

"Awesome!" I thought "good on her for getting in"

After the induction, I wandered over to her to see she had 2kg weights in each hand and was performing CALF RAISES!?!?


This wasn't in the plan!

This lady had 40lbs to lose and she was focusing her limited gym time on toning a small muscle the size of an orange on the bottom of her legs!! (with parital movement!)

That is the perfect example of a useless workout and a crappy cup of coffee

This is what you should be doing!

The BEST Fat Loss Exercises

First things first, fat loss is an all-out war

I want you to change your mindset

If your goal is to lose 6+ pounds. You need to lose it in 30-da