• Ben Banbury

Fat Loss 101 - Here's What A Lot Of Trainers Don't Tell You

To lose fat and live a lean life you HAVE to have a basic understanding of how the body works and why we put on weight. Knowing this will always keep you in control of your waistline and stop you ever being fooled by any new fad-diet!

Believe it or not the science behind fat loss is actually ridiculously easy

In fact, the maths is so simple that most 7 years would grasp it

Unfortunately, most people either ignore these simple principles in the search for the next sexy diet or they've just been misled by copious supplement ads and money-grabbing influencers

A lot of the information I share in this post might be the polar opposite to what you've always thought

I'm hoping it will shed a light on the corrupt fitness industry, show you how easy fat loss really is and hopefully help stop you getting mislead in the future


A calorie is a unit of energy

It's our equivalent to petrol or diesel

Our bodies burn calories to function on a daily basis


We all require a different amount of calories to live our lives. For example, bigger men logically require more energy than smaller women

The amount of calories that we need to remain at our current weight is referred to as our maintenance calories - For the average lady in the UK this is around 1500 calories and for a male 2000

Now. People put on weight when they consume more than their maintenance calories for a long period of time

I'm hoping you can easily see how people lose weight too?.. By eating below their calorie maintenance for a long period of time!

This is called a calorie deficit

[Figure out your daily calories here]


Fat loss is literally that easy! If you've put on a bit of weight or you're heavier than you want to be, the only reason for this is your over-consumption of food

The problem is what I've just shown you is pretty damn boring, it's not sexy. People want sexy

People want to be told the diet plan, supplement or herbal tea they're using is the "magic formula" to them losing weight

People love quick-fixes and quirky trends. They want to be sold the dream by the half-naked Instagram influencer with the ripped abs, huge bum and bronzed skin on a beach in Bali holding a coconut

They don't want to be told to "eat less than your calorie maintenance" by some trainer whose currently writing this in his pyjamas and slippers

That's not sexy.

Unfortunately, it's becoming a common trend in the online world for trainers and supplement ads to not tell you this simple calculation

If they can keep you naive, they can sell to you more effectively

They can hold onto the key that gets you results, which keeps you at arm's length and makes you a returning customer

Let me explain what I mean

A lady who found me on social media dropped me a message one day, it read "would you like me to send you some coffee?"

Of course I did. 2 weeks it arrived at my door

What I was hoping would be a good filter coffee, turned out to be instant, and not a brand I'd ever seen

The company was branded as the "perfect fat loss formula", just one of these magical coffees a day would turn my body into a fat loss machine

The package explained a 3 step plan that was going to double my metabolism and get me shredded - I could barely contain my excitement

Step 1: Add the sachet to a mug and add boiling water - "I'