• Ben Banbury

How To Destroy Bad Habits & Change Your Life

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Bad lifestyle habits can destroy your chances of ever getting lean. Here's how to rid poor habits and build good ones!

What is a habit?

A habit is something that you do regularly, often without thinking about it

A good example is when you get ready for work in the morning

You're in autopilot mode right?

I bet if you were on Big Brother and we could watch your movements, it would be near on identical everyday

Unfortunately we tend to pick up bad habits

Smoking or eating a family-size packet of crisps while watching Eastenders of an evening are examples of bad habits

In 2017 I went to Australia for 2 weeks. Lapping up holiday mode I had a pint of G+T and a bath everyday

(That's right. I drink G+Ts by the pint)

I mean that's amazing on holiday, but being half cut by 4 pm everyday is not a lifestyle choice i'd like to develop

Logically when I got home I still craved this habit

I off course shook it, but it's a great example of how habits are easily formed

Examples of Bad Habits

Let me list 2 morning habits from 2 fictional people

Sally wakes up every morning an hour before she needs to be out the door for work.

She uses this extra time to stew some porridge, watch TV and sip tea

She takes the time to leisurely eat her porridge with chopped fruit and say goodbye to her kids

She brushes her teeth, washes her face, grabs her pre-made lunch and heads of the door

On the other hand

Jimmy slaps the snooze button 4 times before flopping out of bed, as he does everyday

He wrestles his work clothes on. Slaps some gel in his hair. Grabs his wallet and he's out the door

Spot the difference?

Now its 8:06 am, Jimmy's already stressed as he's running. He's got no lunch and had no breakfast

These are trade marks of a lazy person. They're also habits.

Being Healthy Is a Habit

Your friends, family or co-workers that you naturally think of when I say "fit people" have developed good habits - not necessarily on purpose, but they'll be there!

Examples of Good Lifestyle Habits:

  • Exercising regularly

  • Drinking plenty of water

  • Eating lots of fruit & veg

  • Meal prepping or planning meals in advance

  • Cooking healthy meals from scratch

Examples of Bad Habits:

  • Binge eating on the sofa

  • Eating out a lot

  • Smoking

  • Buying your lunch out everyday

  • Skipping breakfast because you're up late

  • Getting shit-faced every weekend

How many of these are you guilt of?

This is a very select list related to lifestyle and fitness, but the list goes on. For the list of the "worst bad habits" - check out this article by the Times

So if you're serious about turning your life around and becoming leaner and more importantly, healthier, you need to destroy a few shitty habits and create some really good ones!