How To Get In Shape If You Have No Time

Not having time to train is the biggest reason people don't stick to an exercise routine. Here are 5 ways to smash your fitness goal in no time

1. Workout For Just 15 Minutes

Believe it or not, every single person can find or create a 15 minute window every single day to workout

What I did was to sit down and write a list of every single thing I need to do in a week and over a month. Once I had my list of jobs I grabbed my Google calendar and added slots in for each task

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This is an amazing technique I picked up from my mentor Jonathon Goodman and it works a charm, not just for fitness reasons but for business and for keeping life admin in check

Another technique I picked up from WebMb is to record all of your favourite TV shows ahead of time and then fast forward the ads. BOOM that's 15 minutes right there

Try this 15 minute workout from Women's Health

2. Prep Meals In Advance For The Whole Week

This is a great time hack in general

Instead of cooking 7 meals a week (plus extra meals for young ones) batch cook up a tonne of food on a Sunday and Thursday

This will take more time initially but over the week you'll save a tonne of time

There are a couple of options here. You could cook up 4+ meals and box them up for the week ahead, your partner or the freezer

Or you could do what I do and have a BBQ every Sunday and batch cook a selection of meats and carbs for a large chunk of the week

Then you can mix and match your meals so you're not eating a carbon copy of your previous meal

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3. Always Cook Double Portions

Another option is to cook double EVERYTHING

This technique works so well because it takes almost exactly the same time to cook more meals

Instead of using 500g of mince, use 1kg. Instead of 2 pork chops, cook 4

With zero time invested you now have lunch or dinner ready for the following day. Or a little care package in the freezer if you're ever caught in a pinch!

This simple habit will having you eating healthier meals much more frequently and saving a shed load of time

4. Blend Family & Friend Time With Exercise

The weekends are for the family and friends right? So let's hit two birds with one stone

When you're brainstorming what to do with the kids, instead of the cinema and Franky & Benny's, why not a bike ride, Go-Ape or a go on a muddy walk

If it's raining what about a trampoline park or a swim

If you're catching up with a friend, instead of sitting in a coffee shop. Grab one to-go and sip away at your coffee while you're walking through your local park

Take 15 minutes to sit down with a pen and paper and your partner and jot down at least 20 ideas you can all do as a family that involve you being active

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5. Make Time

You might be familiar with the owner of, Jeff Bezos. As I'm writing this his net worth is 165.6 Billion dollars. He earns roughly $215 million a day

Check him out..

He looks like he's ready to take down Hans Gruber from Die Hard

Jeff is the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world and he still has time to look like that ..and cheat on his best friends wife (oo bitchy)

I know it's easy to turn around and say he must have a personal trainer on speed dial and a chef cooking him 3 meals a day, but he's still made the time to look after his figure and health

You do have time to get in shape, we all do! Saying you don't have enough time is the biggest smoke screen to not achieving your goals

And you're lying to yourself.

I specialise in training busy, career-driven parents and they find the time. Some of my clients work 12-14 hours a day plus commute and then come home to a house full of children

And they still find time to get amazing results from training!


You can 100% get in shape if you're busy with kids and a hectic job

If you sit down and time block 4+ 15 minute workouts and time to prepare your meals for the week, you will start to get results and you will start to feel amazing!

The moral is you do have the time, you just need to put the Iphone down or get up from your TV slump and make it happen

And if after all that you still feel you don't have time, then f*ck me your lifestyle must SUCK! Your number 1 priority should then be to sort your work/life balance out and start getting healthy!

Thanks for reading,