How To Get Rid Of "Flabby Parts"

Have you got a problem area that you want to change the shape/size of? I get questions like this everyday. Luckily for you there's one answer to all of them

Ben, how do I;

"Get rid of my belly fat?"

"Get rid of my love handles?"

"Lose the bingo wings?"

"Budge the muffin top"

"lose 10lbs"

"Drop a dress size"

Back fat, thigh fat, double chins, fat around the hip

Whatever or wherever your problem area there's one simple fix:

You need to switch what your body is using as fuel

In other words you need to use the stored fat (the muffin top, belly fat etc) to fuel your day

Let me explain

Energy In Vs. Energy Out

Think of the food you eat like firewood and your stomach like a fireplace

Firewood comes in and is burnt to create energy which we use to move and live

If we have too much firewood coming in, our bodies place the surplus in "storage" which we refer to as fat

Now if our bodies are not receiving enough firewood it has to find the fuel from else where. So where does it find it?

The wood storage - our fat cells!

To reduce your body fat, muffin top, auntie arms, love handles or wherever your problem area might be - you have to consume less or increase the amount your body is burning

These are the only 2 options

When I receive questions like "How do I get rid of my muffin top?" - I think people are expecting me to show them a super-advanced ab exercise that's designed to obliterate "muffin" fat

When really the answer boils down to moving more and consuming better fuel

So I encourage you to shift your focus to reducing your overall body fat % instead

Do this and I promise your problem area will slowly vanish

Your Body Type And Fat Storage

It's important that you understand that every single person will store fat slightly differently

Males tend to store weight more on their stomachs while females tend to store it more on their under arm (triceps) and thighs

So please don't compare yourself or feel that you've doing something wrong if your fat stores are positioned differently to your friends or family

Muffin tops, love handles, bingo wings, or whatever you want to call them are simply an excess of fat that your body has decided to store there

Your genetics, hormones and body type dictate where those fat cells are stored

Can Exercise Help?

Absolutely. By moving more your body will require more energy and therefore burn more


You can't target fat with resistance exercises

People often ask me which exercises are best for reducing their belly fat

And there's literally no wrong answer to that question

Hop scotch, knitting, chasing birds in the park are all correct answers - because they require movement!

You can't target just your belly fat, or just your love handles

It comes as comes it comes. Like I said in the previous paragraph we all store fat differently, so we all lose it differently as well

I'm afraid you can't do just crunches and expect a smaller waist, you have to reduce your overall body fat

However, by performing resistance work you will strengthen the muscle underneath the fat - so when you've shifted the layer of fat it will reveal your new toned-muscle!

To start resistance training you can build your own workout here


Every single one us will store fat slightly differently, but the answer is always the same

To get rid of pockets of fat you can't isolate them, you have to focus on consuming better and moving more

No amount of crunches, sit-ups or planks will ever reduce your belly size, but they will strengthen the muscle underneath!

So I encourage you to monitor your food intake, move as much and as frequently as possible and try to perform resistance training when you can

Thanks for taking the time to read, I hope this post helped

If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment below,