How To Never Fall Off The Fitness Wagon Ever Again

Inconsistency with training is the biggest reason people don't achieve their health and fitness goals. Here are 3 techniques I use with all my clients to ensure they always stay on track


This is a topic I discuss a lot in my blog why motivation sucks

Over my years as a trainer, I've asked hundreds of clients "what are your fitness goals?"

The first reply I get is always "ummm" then a pause, followed by something along the lines of "I guess to lose some fat off my stomach and tone up a bit"

To truly stay motivated to train on a weekly basis for the REST OF YOUR LIFE you need a much clearer reason to train, sweat and invest (both time and money)

Let me explain what I mean

It's a Monday morning and Jenny, a busy mum of two is rushing around like a bat out of hell getting ready for work and school

Her day starts by her feeding and dressing her kids ready for their day ahead - Why is she doing this? So her children are fed and prepared for their day at school

She wants them to have a belly full of food and have everything they need so they can learn and develop

Next, she darts to work where she sits down behind her desk and starts unpacking her laptop and notes. Why is Jenny bothering to go to work?

Because she wants to be able to put food on the table, not have to worry about bills and she knows if she gets this assignment done, she'll land a big bonus that will cover her next family holiday to Cancun

After work, Jenny whizzs back to school where she picks her kids up and drops them both off at two different clubs. Why?

Because she wants her kids to be happy and she wants to encourage their eagerness to learn drama, play the clarinet and football

Finally, Jenny has an hour to her self where she plans on going to the gym. Why does Jenny want to go to the gym?

Because.. she kind of.. wouldn't mind losing a few pounds and.. ur.. would like to tone her arms a bit..

Screw thaaaat!

She would skip that workout 99% of the time!

I know I would!!

To stay motivated and never dream of ever falling off the fitness wagon you have to find your why!!

Why are you even bothering to go? You have to be able to answer that clearly

Let me share the best answer to that question and from here you'll see exactly what motivation really is

Jenny gets home after skipping the gym, grabs a cup of tea and her favourite girly mag and puts her feet up

As she's getting into a really juicy article about Katie Price's newest and youngest boyfriend her phone makes the familiar "ding" noise

Still keeping her eyes glued to the mag, her hand fumbles around on the sofa until she locates the phone, and scrolls up nonchalantly

As her phone opens the notification she realises it's a group email from an old school friend

The email subject reads "School reunion"

This grabs her attention

"March 18th" she reads, bolting upright, flinging tea all done her front

"That's only 6 weeks away!!" she screeches

Jenny's heart rate elevates to match her anxious breathing as she reads the names in the group message

Her ex-husband's name pops up as well as his new wife's name, the lady that he left her for

Adrenaline kicking in, blurring her vision and gently making her hands shake she also spots the name "Shelly Walker" in the group list

Through the whole of Jenny's school years, Shelly bullied Jenny about her weight

Destroying her self confidence

Jenny sits bolt upright, staring at the wall with her mouth gently open. A whole minute passes and she's barely moved a millimetre. Her brain on overdrive as she relives all the moments in her life which have led to this

Something snaps and Jenny's instantly back in the room. She looks at her wristwatch, stands up in a flash sending her half-drunk tea through the air

Jenny doesn't even notice her new carpet stain as she grabs her gym bag and flys out the building as if she had 13 police dogs on her tail

And that is motivation.

Jenny now has the biggest reason in the world to train, sweat and invest her precious time!

Jenny can already see her husbands face drop as she walks in that old gym hall in her stunning new red dress

Or the way Shelly looks down at her feet, ashamed as Jenny walks in

Jenny can visualise exactly where she wants to be and now nothing will get in her way

Every possible excuse Jenny had to not train was erased in a big "poof" of motivational energy

Now I really, really, truly hope that nothing as catastrophic as this has ever happened to you

But it doesn't stop you from picturing the new you. Allow yourself to dream and capture that moment like a mental screenshot

A clear vision is the only motivation you will ever need

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When you're training, it's essential you focus on bettering yourself

For you to stick to a routine you have to be making continual progress

How demoralising is it working your ass off for months and months, to hop on the scales or look in the mirror and see zero change?

That's horrible!

Then logically you make remarks like "why even bother?!" or "I should just save my money and quit!"

I completely get that!

Now imagine if you committed 100% for two whole weeks to a training plan

All in. Balls to wall.

And in those two weeks, you lost 4lbs (this is totally realistic by the way - this is what I aim for with my clients)

How would you feel? Amazing!? Motivated!?

Of course you would!!

Your motivation would sore through the roof! Which would mean your consistency would follow suit

You might even unconsciously start looking for ways to train more or improve your nutrition to get even better results

Your focus would switch from "can I even be bothered to go to the gym?" to "If I get 10 press-ups today, I would have done 2 more than last week!"

Focus each workout on doing more than you did last time, I don't mean time spent, but reps completed or weight lifted

Keep a metal or written log of the weight or reps you've done and aim to beat it every single week

Employ this tactic for one whole month and you'll quickly realise why that lady you always say hello to in the gym, who squats the same weight and does the same 10-minute cross-train on level 4 hasn't changed shape in the last 6 months

Always remember; Train the same, remain the same

Switch your focus to progressing yourself in your workouts and in the kitchen and results will follow naturally

When the scales move and you step closer to that goal your inconsistency troubles will a distant memory


One of the most important things I have to do as a strength & fat loss coach is to make exercise a habit for all of my clients

My goal is to set them up, so when our time together is complete they have all the resources and habits in place to continue their fitness journey on their own

The first thing I try and do, (which for obvious reasons doesn't always work) is to book my client in for the same times every week

Doing this turns a Tuesday into a "training day"

I've had clients who didn't train until they hired me say; "It sucked I had to work Tuesday! It felt so weird not training!"

And that's what you want! A rough-structured plan. This creates the habit of exercise

I always describe it like brushing your teeth. How weird would it be if you forgot to brush them this morning?

1. You'd be self-conscious about your breath but 2. You'd also be totally out of whack as the act of brushing your teeth is so heavily ingrained in you!

The problem with modern society is the constant rush we're always in. If you have a list of 10 things you need to do in a day, it's likely that "workout" will be number 10

As you tick off your list, new things get added, constantly pushing that workout lower and lower down your list until it gets forgotten or you say "I don't have time"

So what I encourage you to-do is to have a think how many sessions and for how long you can train for a week and adding it to your diary

Pick 3-5 days that are now your "training days" and focus on creating some new habits

You can also apply this same technique for meal prepping, batch cooking or whatever you want to call it as well

Make your fitness goal a well-oiled machine and you'll never go wrong!

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I have a client called Charlie. She's a super hardworking mum of two who is 2/3 of the way through her 1:1 transformation journey with me

When Charlie first met me she very clearly explained why she wanted to train with me, how it would make her feel and what she wanted to achieve

In the first month, we were down 5lbs of fat and up roughly 2lbs of lean muscle

And every Tuesday & Thursday I see her for weights and she runs Monday & Saturdays on her own

Charlie has 1. Found her why 2. Focused on progress and doubled her motivation and 3. Made running and our training sessions a habit

Charlie has completely changed her body. I mean completely.

I haven't asked her if she's comfortable sharing her before and after photos but in a months time when we finish our final stage I can't wait to potentially share it!

These methods work and they work amazingly!

They're the reason why I can guarantee my clients results!

Start today by establishing your why!

Thanks for reading,

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