• Ben Banbury

How To Sky-Rocket Your Confidence For Good

As a personal trainer, I don't sell fat-loss, toning or programmes. I sell confidence. People seek me as their coach to transform their confidence and self-value. I've got a few tips that are going to transform your mindset for good


I'm going to share with you a story about my roommate's cat, Maggy

(bare with me)

Maggy's a 10-year-old cat that my roommate adopted maybe a year ago

She's a moggy house cat who spends about 90% of her life asleep

And my roommate absolutely adores her

They have this weird bond that you don't see often between a cat and a 28-year old plumber called Steve

They have their little routines together, which involves play, feeding and snuggles

I'd say the 10% that Maggy is awake, she's following Steve around

Anyway, Steve had to be in Bristol for 5 days so he left me in charge of his feline princess

He gave me strict instructions to change her water and re-fill her litter tray and blaah blaah (I kind of stopped listening when he told me to give her belly rubs every evening after dinner)

So, I'm in charge of Maggy and this is where your mindset is hopefully going to shift

Maggy, perhaps a little confused what's been going on has been following me around like a bad smell

If I sit down, she's trying to sit on me

If I'm eating, her face is in my bowl

If I'm having a shower, she's outside meowing and moaning

And you know what? It's doing my head in

That cat is so damn annoying!!

And I think that's an amazing gift that animals possess

Their ability to simply not give a f*ck

Maggy the cat's just being Maggy the cat. That's all she knows, that's what she's best at!

And that's the problem with humans

We get so caught up about what people might think of us that we forget to just be ourselves

Maggy makes her owner so unimaginably happy, but for me, she's just an annoyance

Do you think Maggy gives a shit? Do you think Maggy should change to make me like her more?

So we shouldn't either!

The only thing you're good at 24 hours a day, seven days a week is being you

Do you know who you suck at being? Anybody and everybody else

If you spend your time trying to make everyone like you, or doing things that everybody else does because they'll accept you, you've lost who you are

Your first step to doubling your confidence is to simply not give a f*ck what others think

Do you know who I have HUGE respect for now that I'm a bit older?


F*ck me those kids are heroes

When I was in school those were the kid's that were picked on big time

I'm not really sure why, maybe it was the uniform or for "pretending to be in the army"

But those kids knew what they wanted, and they went after it

Which takes balls