• Ben Banbury

How To Train Your Glutes PROPERLY!

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Glutes are the muscle group I get asked the most about. Everybody wants a nice bum, but so many people struggle. If you've ever said " I can't feel my bum working" when training legs, this articles for you.

3 girls doing deadlifts in a gym
I had so much fun scouring Google images for "Girls Bums"

If you've ever spent more than 3 minutes on Instagram you've most likely come across half naked girls flaunting their asses to cash in the followers.


Big glutes are definitely "in" right now.

Every girl wants a nice bum, but most find it tricky to actually engage them.

The Glutes are hugely important for a few reasons:

  1. They look good

  2. They look really good

  3. they protect your lower back & knees

  4. & they're crucial for getting stronger safely

Why do so many people struggle to feel their bum's working while performing Glute exercises?

As a PT I uses phrases like "engage your core" and "squeeze your bum" all the time.

I've been known to drop off to sleep on the sofa muttering "gluuutes" incoherently.

But even after the nagging, most can't feel their bums actually working properly.

So they won't grow. They won't develop, and they won't look all juicy when you look in the mirror.

Let me very quickly explain 2 reasons why you can't feel them activating.


As a society, we sit a lot (I'm sitting right now!)

The average person in the UK sits down 9 hours a day.

The glutes, spending the vast majority of the day being used as a cushion, simply fall asleep.

They stop activating.

There's a genuine condition called "glute amnesia"

Your brain, which sends electric signals to the muscles, can't locate the glutes to tell them to work.

So when people squat or lunge their poor quads (the muscle at the front of your thighs) end up doing all the work.

Do you get clicky knees? Or can you feel your lower back working when you stand up?

You have weak glutes!!

Your glutes have simply fallen asleep Zzz.


If you are an office jockey (like me a lot of the time), get up at least once an hour and have a little wander.

Move about. Have a quick stretch and move a bit of blood around that motionless body.

This will not only help you become more active but it will release your tightening muscles.

There's a stretch routine at the bottom of the post I want you to try