• Ben Banbury

I Ate Junk Food Everyday for a Whole Week and this is what I Found

Okay so firstly, why?

Why did I Eat Junk Food Every Day for a Week?

For those of you who know me or have seen pictures of me on social media you’ll notice that I have a pretty small frame

I’m an Ectomorph, the naturally skinny guy

In fact, the reason I got into weightlifting, understanding good nutrition and then of course, further down the line personal training was because a girl called me “A less hench version of Jacob from Twilight”

There are 3 main body types: Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph. (Big, medium and small in other words)

The downside to me being an Ectomorph and being so active is that I burn a LOT of calories on a daily basis

For me not to have the frame of a 13 year old boy, I need to weight lift and of course eat a LOT

Just so you get a rough idea, (and I’m not saying this to make you sad) I need to eat around 4,000 calories a day! I eat roughly what my girlfriend eats in a day.. per meal!

Eating that much food as you can image, gets boring pretty quickly. It’s also hard work to get all those calories in from eating healthily

As we know, junk foods like pizza, ice cream and brownies are SUPER high in calories. So I decided to eat them every day for one whole week to up my calories and to see how I felt!

What I Discovered

I’ll nip it straight in the bud. I felt awful, almost straight away.

For those out there who eat foods like this on a daily basis, I literally have no idea how they do it

It was nasty. I felt bloated, lethargic, uninspired, unattractive, moody and less upbeat than usual. It was horrible.

The thing that really scared me was how bad I felt, and how much I REALLY wanted more!

When we eat sugar the reward centre of our brain is literally on cloud 9. It’s having the time of its fucking life!

Think of the booziest, most amazing party you’ve ever been to. The laughing, the rush of excitement, the chaos, the fireworks, the champagne waterfalls, that huge buzz of happiness!

That’s what’s happening in your brain when you eat half a tub of Ben & Jerrys. It’s like a house party at P Diddy’s in there.

Now, your amazing party. Can you remember the morning after?

Ah. Not so happy right? That’s the downside to being so high, you come crashing down

When I was eating junk food last week, my brain was up there on cloud 9. Having a blast.

Everything was amazing and I generally felt really good while I was eating it

But after about 30 minutes, things weren’t so grand. I felt a bit sick, I was bloated, I didn’t want to move and I definitely didn’t want to workout! I felt rubbish.

An hour later and I wanted more sugar

That really scared me. I wanted to put more junk inside my body when I knew just how bad I would feel after

That’s my brain begging for more sugar. It wanted it’s next fix. That’s the same drug-like effect alcohol, tobacco and drugs have on the body.

Let me reel this story in and relate it to you; Have you ever had a box of chocolates in front of you and found it near on impossible to not grab a few?

Boom. That’s your body craving that sugar hit.

Have you ever heard someone use the expression “I HAD to have” or “I CAN’T live without” when describing chocolate, wine or any other junk food?

That’s the sugar talking. No one needs junk food to survive