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Meal Prepping

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

“Failing to plan is planning to fail” is a phrase that sums up this topic perfectly. For you to stick to a healthy eating plan and get consistent results you need to prep your food in advance. Otherwise you’ll be setting yourself up to fail!

Meal prepping is essential to living a healthy lifestyle.

We all know how hard it is to eat on-the-go

Meal deals, fast food chains and quick bites from cafes are not going to help you on your journey to getting lean

For you to get enough protein, eat enough veg and watch your calories, you need to prep your food before you step out the front door

This doesn’t have to be a burden or a time consuming task, you just need to get yourself in the right mindset

Batch Cooking

Get into the habit of cooking an extra 1-3 portions with every meal. You’ve taken the time to cook a beautiful healthy meal, you might as well cook more for lunch tomorrow!

Not only will you save a shit-tonne of time you’ll also save money. Martin Lewis will be proud of you.

If you don’t fancy the exact same meal the following day you can always label and whack it in the freezer

All you need to do the night before is grab a meal of your choice to defrost, then when morning comes you’re good to go!

If you’re super organised you can always write on your calendar days when you’re going to food prep.

This doesn’t need to take forever, an hour twice a week is usually enough. Now you don’t need to worry about going off course again. Feel free to read my blog about time blocking to help


There will be days where you aren’t able to prep. So what do you do?

Before heading out the door in the morning, grab anything healthy, especially raw fruit and veg. This will help keep you on track.

When I used to be a fitness instructor I used to wake up for my Sunday morning shift in a wank mood knowing that I had to sit in a quiet gym for 12 hours. I rarely meal prepped, but I did always grab a bag full of healthy items.

I always carried instant porridge, Aldi protein bars, cashews and a bag of raw veg and fruit.

When it was time to eat at least I had something healthy!

Using this tactic I would still hit my calories, eat loads of veg and wouldn’t end up eating a supermarket sandwich.

What I Want You To-do

1. Stop saying “they had nothing else” when you buy a shitty toasted panini from a coffee shop. Hold yourself accountable, if you haven’t prepped your lunch it’s your fault!

2. Batch cook your dinners and stock-pile your freezer with meals

3. Grab ready-to-go raw veg, fruit and water everyday before you head out to work

You can get lean by simply taking action and taking the time to plan what you shove in your mouth!

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