My Top 10 Healthy Recipes That Take Less Than 20 Minutes To Cook!

I'm not a big fan of cooking, so I need food that doesn't take long to cook, prep or clear up. Here are my 10 favourite recipes that I fallback on time and time again!

Cooking is something that I'm not very passionate about. Sure, I love tasty food, but I hate spending a whole evening cooking up a meal, to only devour it in 9 minutes flat

So what I did was create a list of 10 recipes that are quick to make, that I can fallback on whenever I'm not feeling motivated to cook or I'm short on time

After I share my meals, I encourage you to get a pen and paper and write down 10+ healthy recipes that you can make with your eyes closed that your whole family will enjoy

When it comes to fitness, my approach is simple is always best

You don't need 101 healthy recipes to get in shape, you just need a few foundation meals that you can tweak and adjust to suit you

1. Mini Pizzas

A strong start

For mini pizzas, I use a fajita wrap as the base and load it up with a selection of lean meats, pepper, tomato paste and mozerella

These are great if you want a quick meal for you and the kids in a few mins. You could even let them help out!

Checkout the recipe here:

2. Eggs & Ham Muffin

The picture below is actually one I took

Quick, fun, tasty and high in protein A good tip is to gently butter the muffin before toasting it to make it go delicious and golden

Checkout my Instagram page for the recipe:

3. Chili Con Carne

So this recipe will take longer from start to eating, but the prep shouldn't take you long at all

There are loads of good recipes for Chili, but one I've used a few times is from BBC

Check it out here:

4. Green Thai Curry

Full of flavour in barely any time at all

Checkout the recipe here:

5. Overnight Oats

It took me ages to get on the whole "overnight oats wagon" - but they're awesome

You can prep 3 days at a time and it won't take you much longer than 10 minutes to do so

You can also play around with the ingredients however you like to suit you

Here are a few examples from the BBC:

6. BBQ Chicken Thighs

If I could have it my way, Id have a BBQ everyday

Rain or shine, I'll have a barbie at least twice a week and this recipe is my go-to if I want something lean and easy


  • Cajun or Mexican chicken mix

  • Smoked Paprika

  • Chili flakes

  • Garlic

  • Salt and pepper

Before you ask quantities.. I literally have no idea. I just chuck the chicken thighs in bag, lob in some seasoning and throw the bag around for a few moments

Add what suits you!

7. Primal Burgers

If I was on Come Dine With Me this is what I'd cook as my main

Screw Beef Wellington, I'd be out in the rain with a spatula cooking up these bad boys

Primal burgers contain 5% beef mince, salt and pepper. And they're topped with American mustard, ketchup, cheese, diced onion and gerkins (the same ingredients as a McDonalds burger.. but way nicer)

Bun-less with a salad on the side is just as good

8. Mexican Omelette

Omelettes are awesome as they're high

in protein and you have so much flexibility with the the toppings

I usually go with sliced chorizo and cheese but this ones a keeper too! But feel free whatever you happen to find in the fridge

Here's a cracking recipe for you:

9. Mango Smoothie

I'm partial to a good smoothie, especially one with mangoes

I always find if I have a smoothie in the morning it sets me up to eat more fruit and veg in the day

Give this beauty a go!

  • 2 fresh mangoes or 2 cups of frozen mango

  • 1 frozen banana, can use unfrozen if using frozen mango

  • 1/2 cup milk, dairy or dairy-free

  • 1/2 cup yogurt, dairy or dairy-free

10. Tacos!

My mouths watering looking at these food-truck style tacos

Food you eat with your hands is just better. Tacos offer so much flavour in such a little amount of time that they just had to be in my list!

I should eat tacos more often

And you should try this recipe:


So there we have it. My top 10 favourite healthy meals

These are all recipes that you can bulk cook and eat during the week by the way!

They're fun, tasty and every single one will take less time to cook than it takes a delivery driver to get to your front door

So now it's your turn. Get your recipe books out or hop on Google and create a small archive of go-to recipes for yourself

Having a few recipes that you know you can whip together in a few minutes ingrained in your memory will help you eat better on a consistent basis

So start your own recipe collection or just steal mine!

Thanks for reading,