My Top 10 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas

If you're looking for some easy, high-protein breakfast ideas, then this post has everything you need to make your mornings a breeze!

The way I look at it, the healthier your breakfast, the healthier you are all-day

It's a bit like making your bed in the morning

Making your bed is probably one of the simplest jobs you perform every day, but because most people do it within 5-minutes of waking, it's actually an amazing productivity tool

Within moments of you waking, you've completed one task

Subconsciously you've gently poked that snowball at the top of the mountain

So it makes sense to start your day as you mean to continue

We want to start our day with as much protein, nutrients and enjoyment as possible

So here are 10 amazing recipes, all high in protein, big on flavour and packed with nutrients

Let's start with the easy ones


Nothing is as easy as a protein shake

The beautiful thing is you can pile in whatever fruit and protein you fancy. It's actually surprisingly hard to make a bad tasting fruit smoothie

Just lob fruit in a blender and see what happens really

If you're looking for a convenient way to get fruit and protein in your diet, shakes are definitely for you

Try this awesome 5 smoothie recipes


I get a lot of my clients on Greek yoghurt

1. It's crazy-tasty and 2. it's really high in protein!

100g of Greek yoghurt is around 10g of protein, which makes it a great choice for people who struggle to get enough protein in their diet

Just like protein shakes it's easy to adapt to what you happen to have in the kitchen cupboards

Feel free to experiment with various fruits, seeds, nuts, cereals and even jams

Click here for more Greek-yog suggestions



"But Ben, bacon is bad for you?!"

Bacon is cured in salt and the rind is pure fat, so this is an easy-fix

Shoot for reduced-salt if you're worried and remove the fat

The bacon eye is almost pure protein which makes it super lean

Pop three-five bacon eyes between two slices of good-bread with some ketchup and you've got yourself an easy, high-protein breakfast


Ever heard of proats? Protein + oats = proats

Clever hey

We all know oats are incredibly good for us, but we all also know porridge can lean towards the boring side too

So adding a decent-tasting protein powder with the milk when you combine is genuinely a great way to improve the taste and up the protein content

It also works perfectly well with overnight oats so I'll leave a link for both

Just careful which protein powder you use. From my experience, whey protein works well, but others like soya make it too chalky and "sawdusty" so experiment!


Fun fact; when I was 17 I had a protein pancake blog haha

So I consider myself a pancake-connoisseur

Anyway, protein pancakes are a fun way to start the weekend

In my eyes, nothing beats pancakes, a pot of coffee and cheesy music on a Sunday morning

And the beauty with pancakes is you can completely mix them up

They're also great the following day if you stick them in the toaster!

So use this simple batter mix and go wild with toppings!


This recipe's right up my street

All my favourite foods involve me eating with my hands

I'm not really sure why maybe the inner caveman in me?

So this one ticks all the boxes

The great thing is you can add whatever you like to fit your mood and cravings

You call easily add bits like:

  1. Chicken sausage

  2. Bacon eye

  3. Fried or scrambled eggs

  4. Baked beans

  5. Sliced avocado

  6. Mushrooms

And of course whatever else you're creative enough to think up

So have fun with it! For the actual recipe, click this link

Oh and one last thing I'll say, breakfast burritos are of course as healthy as you want them to be and can be packed full of protein, but this also means the calories can add up

If that's the case it's absolutely fine, just taper down your portions for your lunch or dinner!

This makes them a great option if you can't eat for most of the day or are too busy to stop and eat!


In my eyes, Omelttes fall into the category of "I love them, but can never be assed to cook them"

You'd never catch me frantically cracking eggs on a Tuesday morning before work, so once again omelettes for me make great weekend breakfast idea

Like most of the ideas above, omelettes are a blank canvas for you to add whichever ingredients you wish

So be a good gal or boy and shoot for lean proteins like ham or chicken and veggies like spinach, mushroom and tomatoes

Try these 11 omelette ideas here


Nothing screams "I can be fancy when I wanna be" than a salmon and scrambled egg bagel with chives on top

Once again this falls under the category of "finger food" so I'm all ears

The beautiful thing about this meal is the fact it's high in healthy fats as well as protein

Salmons a naturally fattier fish and the yolk of the egg brim this beauty with healthy fats that will keep you feeling full for AGES

This does mean this bagel is higher in cals, but that's fine as you can taper your calories from your lunch or dinner!

Alternatives: Try sliced salmon and cream cheese in a bagel


I don't know why I called it that

It's just a fry up but using healthier ingredients

This turns a classic Sunday fry-up into a protein gorge

Try these alterations

Bacon - Rindless bacon

Sasauge - try getting leaner chicken sasauges

Eggs - Stick with scambled or poached at a cafe as you don't know how much oil they use to fry them

White toast - Do you really need bread? If you do aim for brown as it will fill you up for longer

Latte - Milk has calories, water doesn't. Shoot for water-based coffee like Americanos

Hashbrowns - Cubiods of fried potato. Do you really want them? Yes? Then have them. If no, then don't


Somedays, you've just got to have Coco-pops

Or Frosties, or Cookie crisp or "Chocolate Pillows" if you buy knock-off brands from Aldi like me

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that these are the best food choices, or they'll fill you up for hours and hours, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with eating whatever you want come breakfast

Keep an eye on your calories and up your protein and nutrients later in the day and you're all set

Don't fall under the unhealthy cloak of "I can't eat that" or "Frosties are bad for me"

Food is food. Some just have more nutrients than others, it doesn't mean you can never eat them


Get the best start on your day imaginable with my top 10 breakfast suggestions

Start your day as best as you can by adding as many nutrients and as much protein as possible to your morning

You don't need hours of prep or a big-wallet to eat amazing foods like these so grab a couple of your favourites and add them to your "go-to's"

Thanks for reading, make sure to add me on social media for more recipes and motivational tips to get and stay lean for good!