• Ben Banbury

No Time To Exercise? Train Just Twice A Week & Get Better Results!

I take my hat off to you busy parents. How you manage to juggle being a taxi, cook, master negotiator and peacekeeper on a daily basis baffles me. Let me show you how can get in shape with only two sessions a week!

lady standing on hill in gym gear

Right then. So firstly I want to put myself slightly in the firing line

I specialise in helping busy parents get in amazing shape around their hectic schedules, so on a daily basis I train mums ready to pull their hair out because their young children are doing their head in

Being a busy parent makes getting in shape SO MUCH HARDER... but not impossible

It's very, very easy to say that the reason you're not exercising or the weight you want to be is because of you're children

BUT, I'm afraid it's an excuse

And I know I now look like an ***hole, but it's true

Let me explain why:

1. Every human being on the face of the earth can train twice a week for 30 minutes

2. People aren't overweight from lack of exercise

If I've thoroughly offended you, please feel free to aggressively write to me at Ben@thisisafakeemail.co.uk

If you're still with me, let me show you how to finally get back into that summer dress from 2007

lady running in woods in autumn


Let me tell you something, for a busy individual, exercise is a POOR way of getting leaner

I know that might go against everything you've ever thought but it's true

Say you find a free 45 minutes before the school run, so you go to the gym. You put your stuff in the locker, quickly stretch then hop on the cross-trainer

You're going at a pretty steady rate for 35 minutes playing Suduko on the interactive screen when you realise what the time is and tear out the room like you're being chased by an invisible hitman

Let's be generous and say you burnt 280 calories

That's awesome, good job!

BUT.. You've made zero dietary change..

Let me put it into perspective

It will take you 35 minutes to burn 280 calories & less than 2 minutes to eat it back

From a fat loss perspective, it's a complete waste of time to exercise to burn fat if you're eating too much

It would be like working an extra shift to make more money, but every day on the walk home you drop your wallet

You're not going to get very far!

Instead, your goal should be to:

Exercise to get toned and strong
Eat to get lean

That's your winning formula

You can't outrun a bad diet, just as you can't get strong if you're sitting on your ass all day

Exercise is a great way to increase your energy output, but on it's own it's not enough!

What you need are quick, 30 minute workouts that you can do to get you as toned and strong as possible..