• Ben Banbury

Protein - The Secret Sauce

Pillar 2 - Protein will make your transformation easier as well as offer better results. Here's what you need to know


  • Why is protein so important?

  • What are the best sources of protein?

  • How much should you be eating a day for best results?


Hopefully, if you're reading this you've taken a look at the first Pillar - Calories

(if you haven't definitely go and read that first)

So we know that we have to be eating a certain amount of calories to ensure we're in a calorie deficit and therefore using stored fat as energy, but what should those foods be?

And where does protein fit into this?

So to start there are 3 macronutrients; protein, carbs & fats - they all have their jobs in the body

Along with other vital jobs, carbs & fats, their primary goal is to provide us with energy

Protein on the other hand has a few other jobs that are going to help us get amazing results from all of our hard training

To help Fastrack our way to a leaner body protein is going to offer us a few key benefits;

  1. It will keep you feeling full so you're less likely to overeat

  2. High protein intake speeds up metabolism

  3. Protein helps build muscle, tone, and shape which will also speed up metabolism

In essense protein ticks every box for a food group that is going to allow us to get better results and get there easier

Protein will also reduce the chances of you grabbing a mindless snack as it's keeping you feeling full and topped up while also speeding up the rate you can burn fat

Are you sold yet?

You can view useful inforgraphics like this in the Primal Membership are


So there are various formulas out there that help determine how many grams of protein you should be eating a day, infact I started writing one and changed my mind to simplify this even more

This is how I want you to think about it:

80g a day = Good

100g a day = Amazing

120g = Unreal

Anything below that get's a "Must try harder" badge

At first this might sound impossible but you'll soon get into the swing of things I promise

This is where protein powders become so useful. A scoop of that with your breakfast every morning will up your intake by around 25g, kickstarting your day perfectly as well as helping you stay full up lunch

A really simple plan would be; Bran flakes and a protein shake, follwed by a Quorn salad and lean-mince bolognaise for dinner

If you're not sure where to start refer to this protein source inforgraphic in this post and use the nutrition plan examples in the membership area