• Ben Banbury

Social Anxiety And The Gym

Do you get anxious just thinking about stepping in a gym? So do 51% of people. I've got 3 ways to try and eliminate those feelings for good

From the word go I just want to make it really clear that although I've spent a lot of time around people with anxiety and coached a fair few clients who have suffered - I am by no means an expert on the topic

If you're really suffering with anxiety please seek professional help from your GP and talk to those close to you about it

These 3 tips are ways that I've helped clients cope / battle social anxiety

Tip 1. Learn Good Form

People seem to think that they're always being judged for their form

This was probably the biggest reason for anxiety

I coached so many clients whose heads were constantly on a swivel

Looking from person to person to see if others were looking or staring

I get it. If you're unconfident you are doing the exercises correctly, you think people are noticing, or worse, talking about you

That's a horrible feeling

When I first started training in the gym and the big guys walked in and started training, I'd pick up my things and walk straight out the front door

I remember completing a workout maybe 2/4 times a week at one point

Were they looking? Probably not

Was it in my head? Most likely

But I was sure they were looking, so I took the time to really grasp the most common exercises and which muscles they were working

It definitely worked

As soon as my form was better I was SO MUCH more confident in a gym surroundings

And I quickly learnt what to do if my machine was taken, so I wasn't standing around

unsure at any moments

My confidence grew massively (as did my progress)

You can become more confident too by finding a reliable source, having a good understanding of a few exercises and where you should be feeling them

10-15 should be enough for the fist 3-5 months

Tip 2: Train From Home

Avoid people. Sounds great huh?

I'm a mobile personal trainer and of course an online coach, and I train every single one of my clients from their homes

Why? Because it's;

  1. Convenient

  2. Cheaper (no memberships)

  3. More flexible

  4. Quicker

  5. Less stressful

After I finish writing this post I'll be driving to one of my amazing client's house to train her in her garden

My iphone tells me it's 14C and it's an absolutely stunning day

We'll be training in her garden in the beautiful sun (Vitamin D helps with anxiety by the way)

How amazing is that? No queuing, no people, no smelly gym, no commuting, no people, no faffing and no people

Did I mention there will be no people?

If you're worried about being in a gym I hugely urge you to exercise from home

Training from home is just better!

There are hundreds of quick-home workouts on Youtube (I'm bringing some out soon too!)