• Ben Banbury

Stop Looking for Quick Fixes

As humans, we love things that make our live’s easier

I mean, how cool is it that with an app you can have an Uber with you in 3 minutes? Or Amazon Prime? Amazon can now have packages to you the SAME DAY you order them!

That’s nuts.

I remember as a kid ordering DVDs and sometimes having to wait for over a week!

Also, think of the medical world. In certain situations, you can pop a pill in your mouth and all the pain will magically all go away.

Unfortunately, quick fixes don’t apply to fat loss or your overall health 

There are no quick fixes

Which can be a bitter pill to swallow (no pun intended)

As much as the supplement companies will try and tell you there are no magic pills that will help you to lose weight

These supplement companies literally prey on people who are confused, desperate and therefore vulnerable

Dietary supplements are a $37 billion-a-year business in the U.S!! That’s staggering!

I’m afraid you can’t just pop a pill in your mouth or drink a special juice and expect to watch the fat magically melt off Fat loss takes consistency, patience and willpower.

Not a pill. Not a “Skinny coffee”. And definitely not a juice claiming to double your metabolism! To lose weight you only need to do one thing;

Burn more energy than you eat in a day.

(You can learn more about losing weight in my post How to get fat and how not to!)

Which is genuinely really simple, it’s just pretty hard work sometimes!

Which people aren’t fans of.

There is no alternative to hard work.

If you really want to get in great shape you have to exercise and you have to eat sensibly

You can’t ignore both of these aspects and solve it with an expensive pill. There are also no shortcuts when it comes to training

Those 7-minute workout DVDs ex-Hollyoaks stars bring out are a joke. You’ll see a before photo of them on a beach looking all jiggly and then the next they're super airbrushed with a 6-pack

7-minutes didn't get them there. They would have worked so hard to look like that, a lot more than 7-minutes anyway!

The super strict diet that got them those results they don’t show you! Because that won’t sell.

A simple solution to your fat loss problems will sell. Like a 7 minute workout; “Amazing!

So I can eat whatever I want, workout for 7 mins a few times a week and get a 6 pack!”

Getting in amazing shape and living a healthy lifestyle isn’t as “sexy” as these money making brands want you to think.

They’re almost keeping you at arms-length from the truth so you can continue being confused and they can continue making billions every year.

I’m going to show you the very basics you need to get lean. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your body type is and how slow you think your metabolism is.

These guidelines work and every fitness plan in the world will incorporate some variation of these rules

So listen up, don’t waste any more money and decide if you’re actually prepared to work hard to get the results you want

Because if you do, this is all you need to know:

Ben’s 5 sexy rules for getting lean

1. Drink 2L of fat loss juice every day (also known as water)

2. Eat 5 vegetables a day

3. Eat 3 meals a day and have protein with every meal

4. Perform resistance training 3 x a week for 45 minutes

5. Only eat raw vegetables in between meals

If you’re reading that and curling your nose up, I’m afraid there’s no way around it. That’s what it takes to get the results you’re looking for