• Ben Banbury

Take Control of your Life with Time Blocking

Updated: Apr 28

I love time blocking because it cuts out the “I haven’t got time to train” card. Top CEOs have time to train. You have time to train. You just need to manage your time better.

Take Control of you Life

This article is written for the few out there who really want to take control of their time, their lives and create consistent results.

This article isn’t for everyone, it’s for you serious ones.

The system I use here is the exact same one myself, and all of my online clients use to manage our time.

I love it because it allows me to create time to train and chill with my friends (all 2 of them)

The beauty of the system is that you can be as specific or vague as you like.

If you’re self-employed this bad-boy will really help you keep on top of your business.

So later on, when I ask you to make a list of everything you need to block time for, be as thorough as possible. This is an amazing productivity tool for you!

Those of you who work for someone else and you’re purely time blocking for the fitness element, you can be a lot more vague.

How to Time Block

Open up your diary or online calendar like a blank canvas.

Scribble down on a piece of paper everything you do in a week, I’m talking chores, work, family time, your workout and anything else that springs to mind. You could even be more specific like “Emails” and “Meetings” *yawn*

Once you’re happy with your list you can start adding it into your week. Start with the blocks that won’t move week-to-week, like “School run” and “work”. Then start adding the more fiddly, smaller blocks.

Now the “fitnessy” part. Add 2-4 workouts in (Depending on your goals and how many times you can train. This number will vary)

See. You do have time to train.

Why it Works

Procrastination is dangerous.

It’s the art of putting something off that you really need to do.

If you’re not time blocking and you have a mental list of 10 things you need to do in a day, over the course of the day, as you’re working your way through everything, that gym sessions creeps further and further down the pile.

Now it’s 7-pm and you’ve “run out of time” or you can’t be assed (I agree, I hate working out in the evenings)

If you stick to the system, you won’t forget anything important and you’ll fit everything in beautifully

Time blocking will free up more time and stop you procrastinating. It also makes your training a habit, which is more likely to stick! “Tuesday 10-am – Workout”

Classes are a great way of creating habit, They run the same time every week, and all you need to do is show up.

45 minutes later you’re on your way, onto your next time block. Imagine if you time blocked 4 sessions a week, and made every single one through this simple system. That would be a huge step towards your goal (:

For those of you who have got this far and decided to sit down and take control of your time, a huge congratulations from me.

Time is so valuable and we only have a limited supply. Don’t waste a moment, take control of your life and decide to make consistent results.

Start today, don’t procrastinate!