The Best Damn Cheese Toasty Ever

Dust off that cheese toasty machine you've got hidden away in some back cupboard and let me show you the best cheese toasty recipe ever.

Inside this beauty is around 50g of super lean, German ham

It's sourdough bread which contains less gluten (and therefore less bloat)

And I even used high-protein cheese

So this is one healthy, protein-packed sarny!


1. Add a good amount of decent ham to the inside of the bread. Roll the ham over so it looks less like a sandwich you'd pick up in a school cafeteria

2. Pop the second piece of bread on top, add a thin layer of cheese and a tomato slice or two

3. Wrap the whole sarny up in greaseproof paper and put it in a panini grill or cheese toasty machine

4. Give it at least 4 minutes so the cheese is runny in the middle and crunchy on the outside

5. Apply a good amount of Worchester sauce and you're good to go!