• Ben Banbury

The One Thing You Need To-Do To Constantly See Progress With Your Training

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Do you train your ass off week after week but fail to actually see much progress? In this post, I explain the ONE thing you need to-do to get more results in the next 4 weeks than you have the whole year

So in 2015, I was a fitness instructor at the Grange in Midhurst. At the time members would book in for a free goal setting appointment and I'd answer any general questions they had about the gym and facility. They'd also receive a generic exercise plan to get them started

One particular day I made a plan for a lady called Sam who hadn't been to a gym in around 7 years, she was pretty deconditioned and wanted to ease back in to exercise 5 days after making the plan I was cleaning the mirrors and I spotted her, we had a very brief chat and she laughed at how sore she was: "corr my arms" she said "they were soo stiff! And my legs! I couldn't sit down for 3 days haha"

I laughed, explained this was expected and to keep at it

A couple of weeks passed and I bumped into Sam again one Wednesday morning. We had another brief chat and then she asked me something slightly unexpected:

"Can you make me another plan please? This one's great, it's just getting a little easy, I don't feel as sore either"

This right here is why 90% of people look exactly the same all year round, no matter how often or hard they train!

So what did Sam need to do??

Progressive Overload

(Sorry, I always try to not use jargony terms!)

Sam's training plan was absolutely fine for her, what she needed to do was up the intensity

If she's leg pressing 40kg and that becomes easy, all she needs to do is bump up the weight to 50kg

Now she's struggling, barely able to complete the set and getting results again

Have a quick think, how long have you been using the same weights? Running for the same time at the same speed? Doing the same amount of crunches at the end of your session?

Always remember your body progresses when you force it to. It won't change without the need to!

Imagine I gave you an empty rucksack and asked you to hike to the top of a hill every day for a month. At the bottom of the hill every morning I'd add 1kg to your rucksack

Every day I'm making the load a tiny-weeny bit harder to develop your strength

And that's what you need to be doing!

So if you've been using the 4kg weights for bicep curls for the last year, add on an extra kg! You might not get as many reps, but in a couple of weeks you will and then eventually even the 5's will become easy!

Train the same. Stay the same.

Never forget that!

What You Need To Do

Have a quick think about which exercises you've been performing exactly the same for God knows how long and focus on upping the intensity

It could mean:

  • Increasing the time performing it (cardio or planks etc)

  • Increase the speed at which you do it (cardio)

  • Increase the weight

  • Increase the volume (Ex. 3 sets instead of 2 or 15 reps instead of 12)

  • Decreasing the rest interval


Your training plan might well be perfectly fine, you've just been training at the same level for too long

Don't be afraid to up the ante if you want to notice a difference to your physique and results

The best ways to overload your muscle without spending more of your precious time in the gym would be to increase the weight and decrease the rest immediately

Keep your plan for an extra month, but focus on upping EVERYTHING

30 days from now every exercise should be slightly heavier. This is exactly what I do with my clients to get them in the shape of their lives in such a little amount of time!

Now it's your turn!

Thanks for reading,

Oh, and I have some really exciting new content coming soon! In the next week, I hope to have my Free 14-day program ready "Strong from Home" which is designed to help busy parents who struggle to get consistent results because of their hectic home lives get leaner & stronger

So keep your eyes peeled!