• Ben Banbury

The One Thing You Need To-Do To Up Your Health & Fitness Game Forever

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Being healthy and fit forever takes time, effort, money, drive and passion. But all of that is totally wasted if you're missing this one crucial element...

So. I'm going to make this a quick post today

After tucking into a delicious chicken sandwich I accidentally dropped half the bloody thing down the side of my truck seats

To save my poor truck the smell of rotting chicken I removed the seats, cleaned up the mess and then.... couldn't get the seats back in *face slap*

So Tim the machinic is going to put it back in for me

And I'm going to sit there in the waiting room emasculated that I can't install a car seat


Today I'm going to share with you one thing that is beyond crucial to becoming healthier and leaner forever

It's something that VERY few people do and something that only people who actually get results ever achieve

It's a little something called; Consistency.

Did I just hear a yawn?

Pretty boring huh!

I bet half of you were hoping I'd reveal a secret fruit discovered in deepest Peru that gets you leaner, sexier and more intelligent in 24 hours

Unfortunately not my friends.

Boring old consistency is the answer to all your problems

I mean let me break it down for you

You could have the best trainer *cough*

The best diet, gym, equipment, apparel, supplements and workout plan in the world

But if you don't stick to it.. you're going to get nowhere!

Consistency trumps everything

A half-decent diet plan that you stick to for years is 100x better than the world's best plan that you do for 3 and a half weeks

An exercise program that you do twice a week for a year is better than another you do 5x a week for a fortnight

This is why it is absolutely essential that you enjoy your workouts, love your diet and turn your lifestyle into something pleasurable

A routine that becomes part of your life, that you couldn't imagine not doing

This is exactly why quick-fix diets, juice fasts and miracle solutions simply don't work

This is also why super restrictive and starvation diets will never work long term

They're not sustainable so you can't be consistent!

So forget about what's in right now, what Gweneth Paltrow is endorsing, what supplements your Instagram crush is fobbing off and what nonsense the media are churning out and just focus on turning up

Thanks for reading!

By the way, I just got the bill for my car seats to be re-installed.. £180

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