• Ben Banbury

The Reverse Plank: The One Exercise you need for Better Posture & A Healthier Lower Back

I'm going to set you a challenge. Perform the reverse plank everyday for one whole month. I can promise you less-rounded shoulders, no lower back pains, a stronger core & more toned glutes.

The Reverse Plank
The Reverse Plank

Benefits of a reverse plank

Less rounded shoulders; To have your arms beneath your body and your chest up tall (like the photo above) requires great flexibility through your chest, shoulder and bicep muscles.

These are the muscles, that when tight pull your head forward to create that horrible rounded neck. This also causes NASTY neck pain and tension headaches.

A reverse plank will stretch out the muscles associated with rounded shoulders.

No lower back pain; To hold a reverse plank, you need a strong set of glutes (bum) to keep your hips up. Weak glutes lead to an overactive (and painful) lower back. (I'll go into more detail about this later)

A stronger core; You've done a normal plank before right? and where does that burn? your stomach muscles. The reverse plank is no different. To statically hold your body up requires a strong core.

Why I like the reverse plank so much

When exercising I like to use movements that get the most "bang for your buck"

In other words, exercises that benefit as much of the body in one movement as possible

A good example would be squats

Squats target the whole lower body, the stomach, lower and upper back. So you get a lot out of a set of squats!

We refer to squats as compound exercises as more than one joint is required throughout the movement (ankles, knees and hips)

We also get isolation exercises

An example of an isolation exercise is a bicep curl (the elbow is the only joint required throughout the motion)

Isolation exercises have their use but you'll get much more out a compound exercise like a squat

The reverse plank, in my opinion, is one of the best compound exercises I can offer to improve your posture

If you read my last blog; How to Grow Delicious Glutes

I spoke about posture issues and how the glutes are vital to having a good posture and less lower back pains.

The reverse plank simulates a glute bridge position, which makes it a great exercise for strengthening the ass

Glute Bridge
Glute Bridge

While the glutes are holding up your hips, your arms are supporting your upper body.

Flexible chest, shoulder and bicep muscles are necessary to keep your chest pronounced.

Which is more attractive?? Left = Flexible chest, shoulder and bicep muscles
Which is more attractive??

So the RP is amazing at stretching out the muscles associated with rounded shoulders, forward head tilt and "creaky" shoulders.

Just like the squat - "you get a lot for your money" with a reverse plank

Your 30 Day Challenge

This is my challenge to you;

For 1 whole month perform the reverse plank everyday

I'll be making the exercise more challenging as the weeks go by increasing the duration of the hold;

Week 1: Aim for 5 x 15 second hold

Week 2: Aim for 5 x 20 second hold

Week 3: Aim for 5 x 25 second hold