The Top 5 Bum Exercises You Should Be Doing

The world's gone booty mad huh? Which is awesome news for not only men but trainers who can FINALLY help women build muscle! These are the best 5 bum exercises on the planet

The world's gone bum crazy huh?

Which I think is awesome. I think it's great that women are finally seeking advice to get stronger and grow their muscles

I'm hoping with a bit of luck the muscle growth in women trend will just keep growing and growing


So you want to build your bum?

Below are the very best bum exercises you should be doing to grow, shape and develop your bootay

Oo, and I'll make sure to leave you a workout at the bottom of this article!

Let's begin


Bum building 101

These are the king of bum exercises

Glute bridges are unfortunately commonly performed incorrectly. It's common that people excessively arch their back which leads to a doming in the belly

This results in people just using their lower back muscles and never really feeling any activation in their bum

Here's a really old demonstration video I did

Do you notice how from my chest to my knees creates a straight line?

There's no doming of the stomach and I'm fully locking out at the hip to get the full benefits of each rep

To get the most out of each rep;

1. Push through your heels and squeeze your bum up

2. Engage your abs and don't allow your belly to dome

3. Don't let your bum touch the ground - this keeps constant tension on the muscles

To level up you can also do single-leg glute bridges


As well as shaping your legs like none other, reverse lunges will also get your working your bum muscles nicely

Form comes first with RL. Make sure that both of your knees are creating a 90-degree angle and you're keeping the weight in your heels

Slowly lower your body, keeping your torso up tall and pushing through your heels to keep the tension in your bum (and less on the knees)

Your goal should be to try and get as strong as possible so start adding weight as soon as you can


As well as helping shapen and strengthen every square inch of your body, deadlifts also depend heavily on the use of the glute muscles

Deadlifts allow you to lift a lot of weight which makes the growing and strengthening of the bum that much easier

To perform the perfect deadlift make sure you're standing directly over the kettlebell or dumbbell and as close as you can if using a bar

Focus on pushing your bum backwards and not flexing the spine. This creates a lovely straight, safe position

Push the ground away and squeeze your bum as hard as you can the whole rep

At the top you should be standing as tall as you can

Don't be afraid to go heavy


No "best of" exercise list is ever complete without some form of squat variation

Squat holds are amazing as they increase the time you spend at the bottom of the squat - also lovingly referred to as "the hole"

The longer you spend at the bottom of the motion, the more your bum works and the harder you have to work


You can also perform "pulsing squats" - which are very similar, but instead you perform tiny bounces at the bottom of the each rep


I'm not going to lie. I struggled to complete this list

Not because I couldn't rattle off about 50 glute exercises

But I wanted to share with you the best ones

When I first started training I thought I had to do about 30 different exercises to build muscles

That's really not the case. Instead, just do the best ones over and over again

Glute kickbacks are amazing however for priming the bum

Going back to what I said earlier, a lot of people can't actually feel their bum muscles working

Kickbacks are a gentle, easy way to perform 50-100 reps on each leg to force blood into the bum and encourage activation

As promised, here's your new booty workout!

bum workout plan

Thank you very much for reading, I hope this short post helps you start getting stronger and building that booty

Make sure to check out more of my post below! I'll leave the links to more awesome blog posts and lean recipes to help you along your fitness journey

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