• Ben Banbury

The Top 8 Low-Calorie Alcoholic Drinks

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Let me show you how you can utterly sh*tfaced and not put on any weight. Here are the top 8 alcoholic drinks that won't affect your waistline! I've also shared a recipe for each one

man standing on balcony with beer

So it's no secret that restricting your daily calorie allowance isn't the most fun thing in the world

Unfortunately, liquid calories are one of the easiest ways to put on weight

Think about it, what's going to fill you up more; A cheese sandwich or 2 glasses of wine?

I have zero problem with my clients drinking alcohol, in fact to a degree, I like it! Lifes for living and I'd never be the coach that told my client to put down the bottle

A summers evening without an ice-cold beer or a family dinner on the spring water don't really sound too exciting does it?

So I've put together 10 of the lowest calorie drinks I could find to help you get sh*tfaced all year long and not have to worry about the scales increasing

Let's begin!


The Strongbow of the champagne world

I love a prosecco. Plus at only 70 calories per 100ml it's also a ridiculously good choice if you're restricting your calories

With that said a glass of Prosecco is a bit of a "committing drink" in the sense that you have to open a whole bottle to enjoy. So either buy individual mini bottles or flex those willpower muscles until the weekend

Side note: Prosecco was my 2019 Christmas drink of choice and my girlfriend taught her 6-year-old boy how to pour a glass. Hyped up on the promise of presents he lovingly kept me topped up for most of Christmas Eve night

Polar Express has never been so interesting.. and blurry


If you're a bit of a lad then ordering a light beer in the pub with your mates next might well get you in trouble

Apart from that, light beers are actually really good! Especially on a summers day on a beach somewhere

They also have around 25% less calories than regular beers

The calories mainly come from the alcohol % so lighter beers will have less alcohol per serving

So if you're "out out" - things might get expensive quickly

If you just like the taste of beer you could just go down the 0% alcohol route which is even fewer!

o% alcohol beer in an ice box


Lovingly known as "the skinny bitch"

If you find yourself some really good quality soda these are actually really good! Super refreshing and cooling on a hot summers day

You will need to add some lemon or lime to add a bit of flavour however

Plus my logic is you're drinking water, which is hydrating? That must decrease the chances of a hangover right?!

Try this recipe next time