• Ben Banbury

The Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

There are claims all over the internet of the benefits of ACV, ranging from fat loss benefits to cancer reducing properties. After ACV completely changed my life for other reasons I couldn't wait to see what else it could do for me

apple on a worktop

So, let me quickly explain why this post even exists

I've always been the "problemed child" - I'm one of those people that if I was born 150 years ago, doctors would have scratched their heads, shrugged and suggested they put me out of my misery with a rock out back

Thankfully due to modern mecedice I'm still alive and kicking (yay)

I was born with ecxema and asthma and a few other fun issues, and after hitting puberty they've genuinely never been a problem

A few red patches here and there, maybe the occasional asthma attack at sports day to keep my mum on her toes, but that's about it

When I was 21, a girlfriend at the times dog had just had 9 puppies

Myself, riddled with excitement rolled around, played and giggled with the little guys

And then, just like that, as if the anti-histamine Gods decided to pull a bit switch


Every square inch of my body became instantly inflamed, itchy, sore and red.. (logically)

Ever since then, I've struggled. Spending hundreds of pounds on various extreme steroids, tar-like moisturizers, and chemical-based shampoos

(Oh yeah, ecxemas not just for your skin. Your scalp also becomes drier than Gandhi's flip flop)

And that's where apple cider vinegar steps in

After seeing various GPs and being guinea pigged on scalp creams and lotions I decided to dig into the realms of Youtube

5 years I've had a dry scalp. Seen maybe 7 GPS, including a skin specialist and a 19-year-old girl from Michigan on Youtube helped me more in a 9-minute video than the professionals did in half a decade

Amongst a few very simple tips she suggested I use ACV as a hair wash, as it restores the PH of the scalp

And after 3 days, my scalp, face and skin have NEVER been so healthy

I was blown away. I smiled for 3 days solid. I even woke my girlfriend up while I was asleep and told her how happy I was (that's not a joke.. I sleep talk alot)

After this revelation I wanted to find out more about apple cider vinegar so I found a few science-backed articles on the stuff... This is what I found!


But, wait

Let me explain why before you jump on Amazon and order a tonne

Apple cider vinegar isn't pixie dust, it doesn't "dissolve fat" or "remove belly fat" like the media will have you believe

Studies have shown that ACV aids in fat loss, simply because it increases your feelings of satiety (feeling full) and one other thing..

It makes you feel slightly nauseous (haha) which in turn reduces your likelihood of eating more.. and that's it!


Insulin is a hormone released from the pancreas that brings your blood sugar levels back to normal after you've eaten

The more carb heavy or sugary the meal, the more insulin your body requires

Studies have shown that apple