• Ben Banbury

The Truth About Cellulite

Our modern obsession with body image is getting a tad worrying. 98% of women have cellulite yet we deem it bad or "ugly"! If you do one thing today to improve your body image than read this post!

This post took me a while to piece together. Cellulite is something that I've never extensively researched into, but thanks to your questions, it gave me the perfect reason to delve deeper. So keep them coming!


Cellulite is a result of decreased circulation. Asma Ahmed - A new Jersey Dermatologist explains it best; “Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands that run from skin to muscle through the fat, and when they pull downward on the skin, the fat pushes upward. This creates an orange peel appearance with dimpled skin, which is what we know as cellulite.”

When estrogen starts decreasing, which is usually a symptom with age, you lose receptors in the blood vessels and thighs, which causes decreased circulation

Decreases circulation causes less oxygen and nutrients to that area, and with that we

see a reduction in collagen

Fat cells also start becoming larger, which causes them to protrude through the collagen and become what we know to be cellulite


Cellulite is mostly down to genetics. If your parents had it, the chances of you having it are high

It is NOT a sign of you being overweight or unhealthy. Cellulite is present on 98% of women, which means that super healthy, underweight and normal-size people will all have some

So please don't think that your cellulite is a sign that you're overweight.


A quick stroll through any pharmaceutical and it won't take you long to spot the next magical ointment that's guaranteed to fix your cellulite "problems"

I'm not a dermatologist, but to me they sound like complete horse shit

A cream you apply that changes your genetic makeup and reverses the effects of estrogen?

After delving deep into a few articles I found a few products or services that claim to help, such as;

  • Creams

  • Brushes

  • Coolscuplting

  • Caffeine

  • Grape seed extract (image if your job was to extract seeds from grapes!?)

  • Radio-frequency

  • Laser treatments

  • Surgery

There are little evidence that any of these treatments work and most of the claims are largely unstudied and unfounded


You can't get rid of cellulite.

According to several studies, there is no clear evidence that there are any effective treatments to eliminate cellulite. Anti-cellulite treatments don’t really cure or get rid of cellulite, but if you’re really bothered by it, there are some treatments and lifestyle changes that can make it less noticeable, dermatologists say.

[From article: https://www.manrepeller.com/2018/02/cure-cellulite.html]

(Here's where I step in) Being physically active and eating healthily can reduce the chances of cellulite forming, or at least help the appearance of it

But exercise will not alter who you are or your genetic makeup. So exercise isn't a real or effective treatment. It's just a means of potentially improving it


The way most people perceive themselves today is pretty worrying. In all honesty I completely blame Instagram, ads and magazines

We're lead to believe we should all look like magazine models and if we don't we should be ashamed

Let me tell you a secret. Not even the magazine models look like the magazine models!