The Truth About Supplements

The dietary supplement market is worth a staggering $124.8 Billion, and set to almost double in the next 10 years, but how much of it is actually useful?

In 2026 the supplement industry is estimated to be worth $210.3 BILLION dollars, yet we're getting more and more obese every year?

In the UK we're expected to see approximately a 10% rise in the average over weight person in the next 11 years

In 2015, 66% of males and 57% of females were in the overweight category. By 2030, expect to see 74% of males and 67% of females according to an article my the Telegraph

Which is kind of upsetting as countries like Belgium, Germany and Finland are likely to see a change at all..

I'm going to run through the supplements I agree with and recommend, then I'll show you where you can find them. Then I'll show you the most common bullshit supplements that will do absolutely nothing for you

So, firstly, the supplements I agree with (this won't take long)


1. Protein Powder

Probably the most common supplement in the health and fitness industry, and luckily one that is actually worth your hard-earned cash (or at least some of them are)

I often get asked questions like "will protein powder make me bulky?". I'm guessing a lot of people see the gigantic men in the ads and product labels and believe that protein powder is their shortcut to getting there

Protein powder won't make you bulky. You don't get huge muscles by accident or overnight. Those models are professional models that have been paid to promote the product

That's like me playing crazy golf at Butlins, then waking up the next day as Tiger Woods

Think of protein powder like a convenient way to consume protein. And that's it. A scoop of protein will have roughly the same nutritional value as half a chicken breast

"Ben, will eating half a chicken breast make me bulky?" - Said no one ever

So protein powder isn't a gimmick or a cheat, it's a simple and easy way to consume and keep your protein levels high. For this reason I 100% recommend it

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The best places to get it are:

When you click on the link it will automatically direct you to the best protein supp from each store. Feel free to explore the site if you are looking for a vegan alternative

And please never buy the "Diet Protein" - What a load of shit

That's the same as "Skinny Water" or "low calorie oxygen"

You'll be paying around 20% extra for the word "Diet" on your protein tub. The protein linked is already unbelievably lean

2. Drs. Orders

The only other time I would recommend supplements is when your Dr says so

If you pop in for a visit and they say you need X, Y & Z supplement, I would listen

If you're on certain meds, they can have knock on effect through the body, causing your body to lack certain vitamins and minerals

For example I've had to take iron tablets in the past and I currently chew on a calcium supp my Dr prescribed from drugs I take for my Ulcerative Colitis

And that's it.

Where you Expecting More?

My list of supplements I recommend technically includes one product

Where you expecting more? I was!

I nearly added Omega 3 fish oils, but after reading 3 articles just this morning, it turns out there is little hard evidence that Omega 3 fish oils do anything

And in fairness I do recommend creatine, but for people looking to put on some muscle size

I completely get the attraction to dietary supplements, and when I first started fitness I bought every supplement under the sun

I used to rattle entering the gym. And what did I achieve? An expensive bill and the shits

Influencers & Weight Loss Supplements

Okay, so imagine this;

Miles is a 27 year old bricky from Newcastle. He's got pearly white teeth, a full-length sleeve tattoo, a killer beach-bod and sexy slicked over hair. He's got the charm and the girls love him

Miles applies for a high-budget ITV show and before he knows it, he's sitting on a beach with 10 other sexy mid-twenties soaking up the sun in their oiled bodies

10 weeks later and Miles is back in Newcastle to his old life. He hasn't got a lot to show for his trip accept for an even better tan and 500,000 more Instagram followers

Now on the celeb spectrum, Miles is probably pretty far down the pecking order. Sure he's attractive, but he can't act, sing or present. So where does that leave him?

He's got 3 options. 1. Go back to being a bricklayer. 2. Go to nightclubs as a "special guest" or 3. Accept the hundreds of offers he's now receiving from various fashion, beauty and supplement companies

Now Miles is taking photos of himself in the mirror using hashtags like #blessed and claiming he got his killer bod because of supplement X & Z

He doesn't give two shits that he's adding to the problem or his followers are being hurt from his poor advice. He's got his eyes on the prize.. $$$

Miles hasn't researched the product and he probably hasn't even used it before

Instagram influencers have so much power these days, and the worst part is that so many loyal followers listen to them

If you want proof of the power on Instagram influencers, watch the Netflix documentary Fyre - The Greatest Party That Never Happened

My advice: If you want good, honest advice on nutrition. Follower your local green grocer. He'll have better advice on living a healthy lifestyle

Supplements To Avoid At All Costs

1. Tea-Tox - Claims to help you lose weight and detox your body

A cup of tea that helps you lose weight?.. Eating less calories is the only way to lose weight

Your liver and kidneys do the detoxing

2. Fat Burners - Are the equivalent to a really spicy curry

They'll make you feel uncomfortable, sweaty, will probably give you the shits and do nothing for your fat loss results

They claim they work due to green tea and caffeine, which show little to know proof of actually increasing your metabolism

I'd go as far as saying performing 5 star jumps would be more beneficial

3. Boom Bod - Is a high-fibre supplement which contains 1g of glucomannan. It will set you back around £30 a week and due to it's 1g of fibre, will make you feel more full when it's time to eat

It's not solving the weight issue, it's making it worse. I'm afraid you can't sip on a powdered formula and expect the weight to drop off

And if by some miracle the placebo works, you'll be spending £1,547 a year


Supplements aren't the answer to your fat loss results. They're a fantastic way to make your wee expensive and put more money in influencers pockets

The only supps worth taking are ones that have been advised by your GP and protein powders

They aren't necessary for results, you're more than welcome to get the same nutrients from real foods, they just make life that little bit more convenient

Which I'm all for

If you take anything away from this post, please stop considering supplements as magic pills and stop looking to people on Instagram who aren't in a position to advise for nutritional help. They're screwing up an already confused topic and hurting their loyal followers

Thanks for reading,