• Ben Banbury

Take Control of your Life with Time Blocking

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

I love time blocking because it cuts out the "I haven't got time to train" card. We all have time to train, we just need to manage our time a bit better. Let me show you how!

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This isn't a particularly sexy article

It's written for the few of you out there who really want to take control of your time, training and are committed to getting amazing results

This article isn't for everyone, it's for you serious ones.

The system I'm going to show you is the exact same one I use myself and a lot of my online clients use to manage our time

I love it because it allows me to create time to train and chill with my friends (all 2 of them)

The beauty of the system is that you can be as specific or vague as you like

If you're self-employed this bad-boy will really help you keep on top of your business. So later on, when I ask you to make a list of everything you need to block time for, be as thorough as possible. This is an amazing productivity tool for you!

Those of you who work for someone else and you're purely time blocking for the fitness element, you can be a lot vaguer.

a busy train station
We're all so busy - that's why organising our lives is so important


Open up your diary or online calendar like a blank canvas. Scribble down on a piece of paper everything you do in a week, I'm talking:

  • Chores

  • Work

  • Family time

  • Exercising

  • Food shopping

  • Plus anything else that springs to mind. You could even be more specific like "Emails" and "Meetings" (YAWN)

Once you're happy with your list you can start adding it into your week. Start with the blocks that won't move week-to-week, like "School run" and "work". Then start adding the more fiddly, smaller blocks

You can even set yourself daily reminders like:

  • Take morning supplements

  • Put the bins out

  • Call mum

  • With Aunt Sally Happy Birthday

I mean the lists endless and completely individual to you

Now the "fitnessy" part!

Add 3-5 workouts in (Depending on your goals and how many times you can train. This number will vary)

See. You do have time to train.

Once you arrange your week and organise it into chunks you'll probably find there are big areas in your day you're free to train

You might also discover why it's so hard to find time to train some times!

Then you can always work on ways to clear up more time or hit two birds with one stone. For example, if your kids are at rollerblading for an hour, maybe you could go for a quick run?

Or if after the school run you have 20 minutes before work starts, you could go for a quick walk around the park?

Or you might just realise you need to bite the bullet and train before work or late into the evening??

Use this fantastic tool to start in control of your day

Not only will you be more productive and save time in your life, you're also much more likely to stay consistent with your training!