• Ben Banbury

Walking - The Fat Loss Giant

Pillar 4 - Why walking is the secret weapon against fat loss that we need to utilize


  • Why steps are so important

  • The best way to get steps in

  • What are active rest days?

  • Fitbit essentials


To understand just how important walking is it's worth going through the first 3 pillars briefly

Each and every pillar has its job, firstly being a calorie deficit

Creating a calorie deficit allows our body to start chewing through stored fat as energy

Protein speeds up the process by keeping us full, ensuring we're able to train at the best of our ability and boost our metabolism

Progressive overload allows us to constantly progress by slowly forcing our bodies to do more and more

Finally, walking allows us to increase our fat-burning potential by simply moving as much as possible

You see, believe it or not, the main goal of our training sessions isn't to burn as many calories as possible... it's to improve your shape, strength, and muscle definition as well as speeding up your metabolism

The main purpose of walking is to help your body burn more and more fat without exhausting you for your next training session

In fact, walking will help with recovery


Walking is such a vital tool because it's so easily performed

You don't need fancy equipment, a specific location or even much time

We walk about all day anyway, the goals just to do more of it

So think, how you could introduce more steps into your lifestyle?

The obvious ones to me, if applicable, are walking to work or your taking your dog out more

Could you go for a stroll on your lunch break? or instead of meeting your friends for a coffee in a cafe, go for a walk with a flask instead?

or perhaps..

  • You can use the stairs instead of the elevator

  • Listen to a podcast and walk every evening

  • Borrow your neighbor's dog

  • Walk along the beach

  • Take the kids to the park

  • Go for hikes at the weekends

It's also worth noting that you don't have to walk to increase your daily movement

You could go for a cycle, swim, or do a light exercise class

The whole point is to exercise lightly to increase your fat-burning but not hinder your workouts

So don't cycle full steam up your steepest hill for an hour if you've got squats the next day

Instead keeping it relatively light until your fit enough to push yourself harder


If you've had a look through your training program you might have noticed that some of your days say "Active rest" instead of your workout

Active rest days are days where you are still exercising, you're just going off-script a little

The goals to move as much as you can and be active as possible

This will keep that fat-burning fire alive and keep you always seeing results

It doesn't really matter what you do either, in fact, it will be different for every person

Therefore it's fun to experiment with new sports or hobbies