• Ben Banbury

What I Think About Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

Updated: Apr 29

I’m constantly trying to improve my business. I spend large amounts of my time reading, asking for customer feedback and watching the people at the top of my industry

This week I undertook a mini experiment;

I Instagram messaged ten successful online personal trainers in my field asking them for 60 seconds of their time for some advice

The experiment was for me to monitor how they reacted to my question. Did they palm me off, try to sell me something or genuinely try and help me

I contacted nine trainers with between 10-84K followers and Joe Wicks with 2.3M

The results:

96 hours after messaging them only one trainer replied.. Joe.

Joe voice-called me back 3 hours after I messaged him

He went onto my Insta page, had a look around and came back to me with advice, a mini pep talk on how he started with no followers and even said if I ever need any tips to contact him

This literally blew my mind!

Joe has over 100x the followers of some of the other trainers and he’s still humbly going out of his way to help me

It might also be worth me mentioning that the other 9 trainers haven’t even opened my messages yet (this isn’t a criticism, however)

What I Can Learn From Joe and His Business Model 

1.That he’s Genuine

Joe took time out of his day to genuinely help me, in fact, I replied to his message and he got back to me again within the hour

He cares about his followers and clients, and it really shows!

This is something that I can learn from and really integrate into my business

I obviously really care about my clients, but I can definitely improve the way I help them

After my experiment, I’ve decided to add an additional 30 minutes a day to answering messages and queries from clients and followers

I’ve made a promise to myself to answer all messages from my followers. I want it to be much clearer to my listeners that I’m here to help

2. His work ethic

Now I’m Joe’s biggest fan girl, I looked into his early days as an online trainer (where I am now) and took note of his movements

I read an article that when Joe started out he posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter up to 10 times a day

He tweeted 5 thousand times before he started making any money from his account

He’s an absolute grafter. He didn’t get to where he is today by accident 

This is something that I really admire and after studying Joe’s accounts it’s taught me that I can really produce much more content to help my clients out more effectively

I want every single one of my followers to see at least one post from my Facebook or Instagram accounts and it better their lives

If it’s a tip that they can implement or a quick recipe or video

I want my content to help more people


After reading that I’m sure it’s no surprise I’m a fan

I like him, but I also like his recipes and workouts

Their quick and easy to follow, which is perfect for his target market

I’m a very small fish in a very big pond, but every single day my business grows and develops. I can’t wait to see what it will be like after a few more years of hard graft

Watch this space Joe