What Primal Bootcamps Include

Come and see what's included in a Primal Bootcamp session and why they're so effective!

If you're not sure what to expect from Bootcamp workout, I put this post together to iron out any queries

1. Dynamic Stretching and Warm-up

We always start by loosening off any tight muscles and getting the body ready to train

This will allow you to train much more safely and effectively

The warm-up involves a series of body weight exercises designed to get your muscles warmer and ready to safely train

2. The Main Session

Depending on which class you attend depends on which exercises you'll be doing and which equipment you'll be using

Expect lots of squats, lunges, dumbbell presses and body weight cardio movements as these exercises are the most effective for burning calories, improving muscle tone and increasing your metabolism

I also always make sure the music is at a good level to help motivate you

3. The Finisher

Most sessions will involve some form of "finisher" or group game

I designed these to squeeze as much as I can from you, while completely mixing up the tempo

They're usually quick-paced and a lot of fun!

A few examples might be partnered bag carries, ab challenges and HIIT games

4. Abs To Finish

If you join my Strength & Stretch or Bodyweight Lean class, expect a lot of ab work!

Everyone wants a stronger stomach right? So after burning as many calories as I can with you throughout the class. We then hit the abs hard to finish off the session

One thing I can absolutely guarantee is you'll have a much stronger core after a few weeks of my classes!

5. Stretch Down

This is the bit where everyone sighs "Thank God" under their breath as I call out it's stretch time haha

I change the music to something a little more relaxing, we catch our breath and chill the hell out

We spend 5 minutes+ going through a series of deep stretches to help improve your posture and relax your exhausted muscles

If I have any Primal news or new blog releases I think will benefit you, I'll announce now

6. Coffee

As a well done from me I've started offering free filter coffee for my morning group as they head out the door

So before 8am my early birds have had an awesome 45 minute workout and they're heading off to get ready for work with a racing metabolism and a coffee in hand. Not bad huh?

Come and Join Us!

Now it's your turn. If after reading this you think my Primal Bootcamps are for you and they'll help you get leaner, healthier and fitter. Then book yourself in!

If you still haven't used your Free Passes, now is the perfect time to start! Book yourself in for free now!

Thanks for reading, hopefully see you in class soon!