What Are Primal Bootcamps?

Everything you need to know about my NEW Primal Bootcamps!

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If you're not sure what to expect from a Primal Bootcamp session, I put this quick post together to iron any concerns and explain exactly what to expect!

I'm going to explain what makes Primal Bootcamps so different and effective, as well as share the class timetables and I'll even pop my email at the bottom so you can ask me anything else

Firstly, let me share what each session involves:


We always start by loosening off any tight muscles and getting the body ready to train

This will allow us to train much more safely and effectively

The warm-up involves a series of bodyweight exercises designed to get your muscles warmer, increase your heart rate and get us ready to safely train

Our warm-up usually lasts about 5-10 minutes at a very gentle pace to get you fired up and ready for the main workout


Depending on which class you attend depends on which exercises you'll be doing and which equipment you'll be using

Expect lots of squats, lunges, dumbbell presses and bodyweight cardio movements as these exercises are the most effective for burning calories, improving muscle tone and increasing your metabolism

At the moment we offer two distinct styles of Primal Bootcamps

Bodyweight Lean or Sculpt


Bodyweight lean is a fantastic way to get into fitness, improve your cardio and increase your bodies fat-burning potential

I'm personally not a big cardio fan, so I wanted to put together a fun, easy-to-follow class that allowed me to blitz out my cardio quickly and effectively only using one piece of equipment... an exercise mat

It's crazy since I start running Bodyweight Lean classes my average heart rate has dropped by around 15 bpm


The main goal of a Sculpt class is to get you stronger and more toned

We primarily use resistance bands as they are super easy to use and HIGHLY effective, but we will throw in some challenging bodyweight exercises and of course a tonne of ab work

A Sculpt class is the perfect class to accompany a Bodyweight Lean workout. One will help you shred that layer of fat, the other will tone the muscles appearing underneath!

Oh and we also make sure the class music is at a good level to help motivate you!

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Most sessions will involve some form of "finisher". It will either be some sort of group game or quick-fire round

I designed these to squeeze as much as I can from you, ensuring you're leaving nothing on the table, while also completely mixing up the tempo

They're usually quick-paced and a lot of fun! A few examples might be partnered bag carries, ab challenges and HIIT games


Everyone wants a stronger stomach right? So after burning as many calories as I can with you throughout the class. We then hit the abs hard to finish off the session

One thing I can absolutely guarantee is you'll have a much stronger core after just a few weeks of my classes!


This is the bit where everyone sighs "Thank God" under their breath as I call out it's stretch time haha

I change the music to something a little more relaxing, we catch our breath and chill the hell out

We spend 5 minutes+ going through a series of deep stretches to help improve your posture and relax your exhausted muscles

This is the part where we all chill and most of the time just have a little chat

A huge part of Primal Bootcamp is the community, so feel free to get talking, ask the instructor anything on your mind or simply hail abuse at me for making you do so many squats haha

a free primal bootcamp pass


We all know that exercise is a big piece to our fitness puzzle

But it's not the only piece

The others are diet and lifestyle

So unless these two aspects are dialled in, you won't get optimal results from an exercise class

But don't worry, we've got you covered there. And the best part is it's free

After a session, simply have a chat with your instructor about your biggest struggles and they'll send you posts or videos to help

We can send you free home workouts, recipes, motivation or tips to make sure you're always staying on track between our sessions

With Primal Bootcamps, it's never just a workout

You become part of a community as well as receiving all the info you could possibly need to get unreal results


I really hope that this post has helped you decide if Primal Bootcamps are for you or not

One final thing I want to say is that there never any expectations

If you find it hard for the first few weeks, so be it! Everyone has started somewhere and you'll quickly discover that no one is watching you

It doesn't matter if you've never trained before or you've been exercising for decades, there will always be a level for you

Working in small towns in West Sussex means I have to ensure that there's a suitable level for everyone, so each exercise will have multiple levels to best suit you

So. There's one last thing you need to do.. Sign up and give it a go!


pulborough primal bootcamp timetable

graffham primal bootcamp timetable

NOTICE: Where my Bootcamps have had to radically change due to Covid, I've had to change how clients pay. I'm still in the process of sorting out my class booking and paying structure

So for now, classes will be £8 in cash

In time I'll sort discounted memberships and block buys to make our lives easier!

Let me help you get started for free

To grab your free £50 Bootcamp Pass CLICK HERE

free pass for a primal bootcamp session

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon in class!

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