• Ben Banbury

Why Are Some People Lean No Matter What They Eat

Updated: Apr 29

We all know someone that stays slim all year round no matter what they do or eat

They’re a bit like those people who never study for exams but always find a way to get an A

And let’s be honest, those people are annoying! They suck.

But why can some people eat what they want, pay zero attention to diet and exercise and always stay lean?

I bet a lot of you are saying “metabolism” under your breath while reading this, but metabolism hasn’t actually got a great deal to do with it

I’ve sat down and thought of three reasons why some people are lean no matter what. If you’re looking to lose weight, I want you to think if you can apply these reasons to your day-to-day life

1. Body Type

I’ve mentioned this briefly before. There are 3 types of body type;

Each of these body types are designed to look a certain way

A great example is Mo Farrah

He’s very obviously an Ectomorph – he’s got thin wrists, ankles, shoulders and his bodies very obviously designed to be slim

He’s an unbelievable long distance runner – one of the best in the world

But if he turned around tomorrow, retired from running and decided to become a sumo wrestler. How well do you reckon he’d do?

Even if he ate his body weight in sushi every day, he’d never have the frame to be any good.

He’d be thrown around like a Beanie baby

It’s likely that people who are super lean all year around are ectomorphs – they’re naturally built to be this way

So if you’re not an ectomorph, and you’re comparing your weight or your waistline to some that is .. Stop!

They might just be designed to look like that

2. Some People Just Don’t Stop Moving

I have a friend who is a gardener, he’s not an Ectomorph but he’s lean all year round

An average day for him will be between 15-20k steps! That’s crazy!

Plus he’ll be hauling bags of soil and pushing wheelbarrows around as he goes

You’ll find that tree surgeons, swimming coaches, P.E teachers and tradesman will be the same. They’re fat burning machines!

Do you have a step counter? It would be interesting to know how many steps and calories you burn a day

If you’re an office jockey this is bad news

I read a LinkedIn post today that revealed that the average office worker only takes around 3 thousand steps a day!

Is this you? Are you constantly concerned about your weight but perhaps not moving as much as you could be?

It’s simple. Try and walk more. Get up out of your chair and walk every 30 minutes or so

Walk the dog further. Take the bloody stairs. Clean more aggressively. Hopscotch on your lunch break

Honestly, it doesn’t matter. Just move more.

3. Even Though They Eat Junk Food – They’re Still in a Calorie Deficit

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