• Ben Banbury

Why I’ve Started Waking up at 5:30 am Everyday and the Noticed Benefits

If you’ve ever read any entrepreneur’s or famous sportsman’s autobiography they will most likely mention that they’re up SUPER early every day

I’ve read and watched videos about successful peoples habits and getting up early is ALWAYS mentioned – (so is exercising actually)

This has always fascinated me

So I set myself a challenge to wake up at 5:30 am every day for a month

Before I tell you what I experienced through my month I want to quickly list 5 benefits I’d read about before starting;

5 Benefits of Waking Up Early

  1. Improved productivity for the whole day

  2. Less stress and rushing

  3. Increased fitness consistency

  4. Quiet time – the rest of the worlds still asleep

  5. High motivation levels when you first wake up

3 Things I Experienced Waking Up at 5:30 am Every day

1. I was SO much more productive! 

This was the biggest one for me

I’m a super motivated person

The list of things I want to achieve in my life is about as long as my arm and each one is more challenging than the next

For me to progress and develop I need to study, a lot!

So when my horrible alarm went off at 5:30 am (I don’t know why I picked birds tweeting as my alarm tone?!)

I climbed inside my huge fluffy dressing gown, threw the hood up over my head and hopped inside my Storm Trooper slippers (they also make laser sounds when you press a button) – I’d wander upstairs and press the single shot button on my coffee machine.


From here I’d shuffle (It’s hard to walk in over-sized Storm trooper slippers) to the sofa, open my book and study. I wasn’t ready to face the world, but I could easily sit in the darkness and read. 

I was able to get at least an hours study every morning by doing this. This meant that over the month I’d studied for an additional 30 hours extra! That’s amazing! 

Now you might not be studying but you can use this extra hour you’ve gained to do something else

If you’ve got children this is the perfect time to get chores done before they’re even awake.

Now when you’ve finished the school-run and you’re tired after a long day, you can actually spend some decent time with your loved ones (or just hide from them with a cup of tea in bed) 

2. I loved the Morning Quiet Time

I live right next to a busy road in Chichester, so I hear a lot of traffic during the day. At 5:30 am everything is so beautifully still and quiet

It’s genuinely so nice to sit there in my sleepy state with my hood barely showing my face just sipping my coffee and reading

I quickly realised that I not only loved it, but I didn’t want the world to start waking up. I wanted to hold onto that silence for as long as possible

One of the things I found most interesting about my challenge was that some days I didn’t feel I was up early enough!

I started thinking about getting up even earlier about a week in. I didn’t and I haven’t yet but it’s on my mind.

As an online coach, I preach to my clients about getting a good nights sleep, so I’m mindful about not getting enough Zzzs

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3. Every Single Morning I Considered Snoozing!

I found this really interesting as well

My last two points have very clearly demonstrated that I enjoyed getting up early and instantly noticed the benefits

But EVERYDAY my subconscious brain would try and coax me to stay in bed

Your subconscious brain is constantly trying to “protect you”. This is why it’s so hard to motivate yourself to go to the gym or apply for that promotion

Your brain will try and avoid anything awkward or uncomfortable