• Ben Banbury

Why Motivation SUCKS!

People always blame their lack of consistency on motivation. Here's why that's rubbish and what you should be doing instead!

Let me tell you a lil story that happened in 2016

It's a sunny Autumnal, Saturday morning and Angie, a 40 year old mum of 3 is sitting opposite me with her completed food log

She's not a client of mine, but at this point in my life I'm a gym instructor. So I'm just doing what I can to help

She hands me the food log sheepishly and as I'm skim-reading I ask her nonchalantly: "How have your workouts been?"

"I haven't been to the gym once" she says, looking down at her lap "I was busy, and my son had football at the weekend, and.. I find it really hard, I'm really unmotivated"

"Okay, that's not a problem" I reply "Are you happy with your food diary this week?"

"Not really. I ate out Friday and had my nephews birthday Sunday, so I drank lot's of prosecco. Me and my husband also ate a bag of Malteasers at the cinema last night"

Angie replies, looking more and more ashamed with every passing second

"Let me ask you something" I say, making sure she makes eye contact with me before I continue "Why are you doing this? Why did you join the gym?"

"Umm, I want to lose a few pounds around my belly and just get a bit fitter"


Angie's goal. It's a bit wishy-washy right? It doesn't really have any meaning

Let's rewind a couple of minutes and change Angie's reply to something with a bit of umpfff about it

Me: "Why are you doing this? Why did you join the gym?

Angie: "I'm going to Tenerife with my husband and kids in 8 weeks and I'm desperate to feel confident in a bikini on a beach. I'd love to tone my legs and abs and lose 6lbs.

That's what I weighed last time I was on holiday and I really miss it!"

BOOM! Now that's a goal you can really sink you teeth into!

Angie has clearly answered the most important question you need to ask yourself:

Why bother?

Now Angie has a clear-cut vision her workouts have meaning, she's got a reason to push herself, squeeze in a workout or pick the healthier option at the restaurant

Her vision is so clear that she can feel the sand beneath her toes and the sun on her face as she's strolling from the villa to the beachfront

She can picture the way she looks in her holiday dress. The way she feels in her bikini.

The way her husband looks at her at the dinner table. Her elevated confidence getting out of the pool. Her glowing pride when she finally slips back into the Levi shorts she wore last holiday

And that's what you need to do, find your why!

Angie didn't lack motivation, she lacked vision

And when she didn't stick to the plan, she blamed herself and her motivation. She started telling herself things like "you can't do it, why even bother"

Motivation has f*ck all to do with it!

Imagine the next lady who came to see me wanted to lose 20lbs. She explains she's been in and out of the gym for years but can never stay consistent and never loses any weight

I turn to her and say "I'm an eccentric millionaire. If you lose 20lbs in 2 months I'll give you a million pounds" as I bust out of the room on a Segway with a gold $ chain around my neck

The chances of her getting results just multiplied by 10000000%

Now when she's tempted by the burger instead of the chicken. Or the sofa instead of the workout, what's going to be going through her head?

The money. The goal. There's no way she's going to fail now!

Without a clear cut vision a workout is 60 minutes of sweating, pain, bad smells and soreness
With a clear vision a workout is one step closer to the big prize

What You Need To Do


Ask yourself:

1. Why am I even bothering? Why am I doing this to myself?

3. What's the end result?

If you can answer that, picture what your life, body and mind will be like once you get there. And if it's a strong enough reason. You'll never need motivation again

Motivation's rubbish. What you need is vision.