Why Primal Personal Training?

When I started PPT I wanted to create the best service imaginable to help people reach their goals. After 5 years experience, hiring a mentor and countless hours of studying, I think I've finally done it!

I get asked a lot by people who are interested in personal training why my training is different? What sets me apart from all the other trainers? Why should they trust in me to help them reach their goals?

So I've put this post together to help answer all of these questions. Plus hopefully help you to know what to look for when you're picking a trainer

You're Paying For Results

When a client purchases training from myself, they're not paying for X hours, they're paying for results

One of the first questions I get asked is how much do I charge per session. Which is very hard for me to answer. When a client signs up they don't just get 10 hours of 1:1 personal training, they get a package built for them to aid them towards their goal

The Packages Include:

  • A tailored workout plan so that they can train on their own

  • Nutrition guides and recipes so that they always have inspiration to cook

  • Food tracking so that I can ensure they're eating to fuel their results

  • Healthy habit coaching so that they can continue getting results way after we finish training together

  • My Transformation eBook so that they can learn all the basics to becoming leaner and healthier

  • Plus Free Bootcamp vouchers so that I can keep them active between sessions!

The Exclusivity

When I used to work in a gym at a leisure centre (the Grange) - It wouldn't be uncommon for me to have about 20-30 clients a week, some having 2+ sessions

I started to realise that it was getting harder and harder to keep an eye on each clients progress. I also didn't have the time to check-in with them between sessions, set them homework, send them messages of praise or alter their training plans

It didn't take long before I was just offering an hours time for any hours pay. Which is the last thing I wanted

An hour a week of training will do very little to get clients results. They need homework between sessions, material to learn and support to help keep them accountable

And I couldn't offer that. So I quit.

I now only take on 10 clients at a time. I can now almost guarantee them results. My clients now remain way more accountable from regular check-ins, useful articles, message of praise and in general, more time with me

The Extra Mile

Now that I have more time to spend on each client, I can help them achieve their goals far more effectively

For example yesterday, a client of mine was struggling to find vegetarian high-protein recipes, so after our session I sat down and rounded up a selection of recipes that I knew she would like

She also suffers with repetitive strain injury as she's an artist. This is something that I literally had no clue about, so I started studying

I can now show her techniques, stretches and exercises to help her. Which I wouldn't have been able to do before!

I also get feedback from every single one of my clients. I make sure they're not only getting results, but they're:

  • Enjoying the sessions

  • Being pushed at a realistic level

  • Receiving enough educational material

  • Feeling supported

  • Remaining accountable

Because I took these measures and always put my clients first I now have 92 Five star reviews across my platforms (and I've never received anything less that 5 star)

Take a read of my favourite reviews


I know this post looks like I'm just blowing my own trumpet, but believe it or not I'm not trying to sell you anything

If you feel I can help you, and I believe we're a good match then OFF COURSE I would love to help you

But I also wanted to demonstrate to you how important a trainer is to helping you reach your goals if they really care about you

A pudgy trainer with a heart of gold, who really cares about you and your results is a far better trainer than a ripped one who just looks at you as a way to pay rent

So if you're looking for a trainer, take the time to find one that can help you from every angle, and not just one that stands next to you while you're working out

A trainer shouldn't be a rep counter, but a guide and a motivator to you reaching you goals

Thank you for taking the time to read, if you'd like any more information about how I can help you, or you're keen to jump straight in, drop me a message or fill in an application form below

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